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Complete documentation of the schema change management strategy, including: Supporting change request documentation, which provides a description and justification for the desired modification An impact analysis for the change, short-term and long-term replication impacts, costs for the requested change, and short-term and long-term benefits for the change A globally unique object identifier for the new class or attribute This should be obtained from a valid source (see Procedure DC-23) An official class description, including class type and localization in the hierarchy Test results for system stability and security Design a standard set of tests for all modifications A documented modification recovery method Ensure every modification proposal includes a rollback strategy A modification authorization process This describes the meeting structure you use to review a recommendation for modification A modification implementation process outlining when the change should be performed (off-production hours), how it should be performed, and by whom A modification report documentation Did the modification reach all DCs Is replication back to expected levels Modifying the schema is a process that has significant impact It should not be taken lightly
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DC-22: Schema Access Management
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Activity Frequency: Ad hoc Windows Server includes two Universal Administration groups: Enterprise Administrators and Schema Administrators Enterprise Administrators are the forest managers They are responsible for the overall operation of the forest This is an ongoing task
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C AUTION Schema Administrators are not operational in that they are only required when a
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modification is performed on the schema This should be a rare occasion at best It is, therefore, a security best practice to keep the Schema Administrators group empty at all times In fact, your security and management strategy for the Schema Administrators universal group should be focused on keeping this group empty Members should be added only when a modification is required and removed once the modification has been performed
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NOTE All schema modifications must be performed directly on the Schema Operations Master C AUTION You must be a member of the Enterprise Administrators group to perform this procedure
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Use the following procedure to control schema access: 1 Use Procedure DC-05 to add an authorized user to the Schema Administrators group This procedure must be performed in the root domain of your forest 2 Allow the authorized user to perform the modification 3 Use Procedure DC-05 to remove the user from the Schema Administrators group
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C AUTION All schema modifications should be fully tested in a laboratory environment before being
performed in the production network
DC-23: Schema Content Modification
Activity Frequency: Ad hoc The best way to protect your production schema is to form a schema modification policy (see Procedure DC-21) This policy is upheld by a Schema Change Policy Holder (SCPH), to whom all schema changes are presented for approval The policy will outline not only who holds the SCPH role, but also how schema modifications are to be tested, prepared, and deployed Assigning the SCPH role to manage the schema ensures that modifications will not be performed on an ad hoc basis by groups that do not communicate with each other Since all modifications must be approved by the SCPH first and foremost, the process is clear for everyone The X500 structure of the ADDS database is based on an object numbering scheme that is globally unique Thus, a central authority has the ability to generate object identifiers for new X500 objects: the International Standards Organization (ISO) Numbers can also be obtained from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) As such, X500 numbering can be obtained at wwwisoorg or wwwansiorg Microsoft also offers X500 numbering in an object class tree it acquired for the purpose of supporting Active Directory You can receive object IDs from Microsoft by sending e-mail to oids@microsoftcom In your e-mail, include your organization s naming prefix and the following contact information: contact name, contact address, and contact telephone number To obtain your organization s naming prefix, read the Active Directory Domain Services portion of the application standards at http://msdn2microsoftcom/en-us/library/ms954370aspx Object identifiers are strings in a dot notation, similar to IP addresses Issuing authorities can give an object identifier on a sublevel to other authorities The ISO is the root authority The ISO has a number of 1 When it assigns a number to another organization, that number is used to identify that organization If it assigned an organization the number 488077, and it issued 1 to a developer, and that developer assigned 10 to an application, the number of the application would be 1488077110 Object identifiers are required each time you want to add an object or attribute to the Active Directory schema Obtain these identifiers before you proceed to modify the schema Schema modifications do not only reside with object or attribute additions You can modify the schema to: Add an object or attribute to the Global Catalog This makes it available to all users in your organization Index an object within the directory This renders the object searchable
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