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NOTE You also have the opportunity to create a password reset disk at this point Post-Setup Configuration Tasks for Full Installations
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Post-setup configuration tasks are similar for full installations and for Server Core On full installations, WS08 will reboot the system once the installation is complete and, after generating the initial profile, will display a wizard: the Initial Configuration Tasks (ICT) Wizard (see Figure 4-8) This screen includes three categories of post-installation tasks: Provide computer information Update this server Customize this server Unlike previous versions of Windows, the WS08 setup reserves all of these configuration steps for the post-installation process As you can see, the ICT screen covers the first part of the post-installation tasks listed in the post-installation checklists (refer to Figures 4-3 and 4-4 presented earlier in this chapter) This makes it handy to perform these initial tasks You ll also need to use other tools to finalize your discovery of the preparation process Be sure to document all configuration modifications you retain This will be important for when you prepare your reference computer for the massive deployment staging process This documentation also forms the heart of the kernel for each server This documentation must also be specific; ie, it must specifically detail the steps you need to perform to complete the core system s configuration This process should include all the steps in the appropriate post-installation checklist, but special attention should be paid to the following: Set the time zone (if required) Configure networking
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Part II:
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Plan and Prepare
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FIGURE 4-8 The Initial Con guration Tasks Wizard
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Provide the computer name and domain Enable updates and feedback Download and installing updates Add core system features Enable the Remote Desktop Configure the Windows Firewall Configure the Event Log Configure devices Rename the administrator account Create a backup administrator account Configure paging file and recovery settings Install administration, support and resource kit tools Install the Windows Recovery Environment
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Explore Windows Server 2008 Installation Modes
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And, for service offerings running the full installation: Enable the Themes service and configuring the Windows Vista interface Update default user settings On full installations, begin with the tasks in the ICT Begin by setting the time zone if required and move on to configure networking Once the Network Connections screen appears, either right-click a connection to select its properties or select the connection you want to modify and click the breadcrumb commands displayed under the menu bar To modify the settings, choose the Change Settings of This Connection command By default, WS08 installs and enables two versions of the TCP/IP protocol: IPv4 and IPv6 IPv4 is set to receive an automatic address from a server running the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) IPv6 is set to a private local link address by default The Network Properties dialog box is the same as in Windows Server 2003, so it should be familiar to most administrators Use your corporate guidelines to assign settings to both IPv4 and IPv6 One configuration parameter that may be different for the IPv4 configuration is the link to a Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) server, since the Domain Name System (DNS) running in WS08 now supports a GlobalName feature More on this topic will be covered during the design of the network infrastructure in 6, but if you can do it at all, you should get rid of WINS servers as much as possible, since they provide outdated services in today s networks Modify the properties of each connection on the server Close the Network Connections window when done
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NOTE Reference Computer: The networking properties for the reference computer might best be
left at default values, unless you have specific values you can use for default settings Remember that whatever is configured in the reference computer will be retained in the system image you create from it Next, you ll want to provide a computer name for the system By default, the installation process generates a random computer name Once again, this dialog box has not changed from previous versions Click the Change button to rename the computer and join it to a domain Use an appropriate naming convention for servers and locations in your network You can choose to restart later, as you still have several options to modify You can also activate the Remote Desktop option here, since it is in the same dialog box If your organization allows remote connections to servers for administrative purposes, then click the Remote tab and select the appropriate setting The most secure setting uses networklevel authentication, but requires connections from systems running the Remote Desktop Connections 60 client update Make sure this update has been deployed in your network before you deploy either Vista or WS08 systems
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