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A new layer of security introduced in Windows XP and continuing with Windows Vista is the Encrypting File System (EFS) Using EFS, data is encrypted on your hard drive so that only you could access it It stores encryption certificates as part of the user profile If users on the computer have access to their profiles, then those files can be accessed But while EFS is a nice security measure, it isn t foolproof If an attacker still has physical access to the computer, then the data can still be compromised For example, if a laptop is stolen, or if the attacker is logging on at the keyboard, EFS isn t totally secure, because the attacker could access the computer before Windows starts up, change to a different operating system, and access the data Windows Vista shores up your computer from this type of physical attack by introducing the Trusted Platform Module Services architecture It uses a hardware component called a TPM, which is a microchip built into the motherboard used to enhance data protection It also ensures validation of the boot file s integrity and checks to see if a disk has been altered while the operating system was offline TPM employs three technologies: Sealing This encrypts data such that it can only be decrypted by the same computer that encrypted it and while using the same software Binding This encrypts data using the TPM endorsement key, a unique key installed on the chip during its production
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System Security
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NOTE A third technology is called remote attestation This isn t especially relevant for our discussion of TPM as it relates to Vista, but it is nice to know what it is Remote attestation creates an unforgeable summary of the software on a computer This allows a third party, like a digital music store, to make sure that the software has not been compromised This feature has created some furor amongst privacy advocates When used together, BitLocker and TPM seal the boot manager and boot files of a computer Those files can only be unsealed if they remain unchanged since they were last sealed NOTE TPM is not something the inexperienced user or administrator should fiddle with If you don t know what you re doing or aren t sure, make sure that you invest some time in educating yourself on how it works and is configured If you make a mistake in configuring it, you run a good chance of losing data
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Using TPM
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Remember, if you want to use TPM, you need a computer that already has the TPM chip installed If your computer(s) running Vista isn t TPM version 12 compatible, and it doesn t have a Trusted Computing Group (TCG) compliant Basic Input Output System (BIOS), this feature won t work and you ll see a message as shown in Figure 10-1 To see if a computer is capable of using TPM: 1 Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Command Prompt 2 Type tpmmsc in the Open text box, and then click ENTER The resulting console is shown in Figure 10-1 when a TPM chip is either not present or is not enabled in BIOS When the chip is present and enabled in BIOS, TPM is configured and managed by using the commands listed under the Actions menu
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Initializing the TPM
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Before using the TPM for the first time, you must initialize it and then turn it on Initializing a TPM configures it for use on a computer This process involves activating the TPM and then establishing ownership of it To initialize the TPM: 1 Using administrator credentials, log on locally to the computer 2 Start the Trusted Platform Module Management console, as described in the previous section 3 Under Actions, click Initialize TPM to start the TPM Initialization Wizard On the Welcome page, click Next
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