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If your CD-ROM drive uses a different drive letter, substitute it for the D: drive Then just follow the instructions on the screen If you are connected to the Internet, allow the Setup program to download updated files From now on, every time the system boots, the OS selection menu will show your Windows OS (Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP) and the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console It may also show other choices if yours is a multi-boot computer
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Objective 1903
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Troubleshooting Windows
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ou know about Disk Management, Device Manager, Event Viewer, and more You ve spent countless hours preparing systems for disaster with NTBackup and System Restore While learning about the tools, you also learned how to use them This section puts it all together and shows you a plan to deal with potential disasters for a Windows computer This section looks at Windows problems from the ground up It starts with catastrophic failure a PC that won t boot and then discusses ways to get past that problem The next section covers the causes and workarounds when the Windows GUI fails to load Once you can access the GUI, the world of Windows diagnostic and troubleshooting tools that you ve spent so much time learning about comes to your fingertips First, though, you have to get there
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Failure to Boot
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Windows boot errors take place in those short moments between the time the POST ends and the Loading Windows screen begins For Windows to start loading the main OS, the critical system files NTLDR, NTDETECTCOM, and BOOTINI must reside in the root directory of the C: drive, and BOOTINI must point to the Windows boot files If any of these requirements aren t in place, the system won t get past this step Here are some of the common errors you see at this point:
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No Boot Device Present NTLDR Bad or Missing Invalid BOOTINI
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Note that these text errors take place early in the startup process That s your big clue that you have a boot issue If you get to the Windows splash screen and then lock up, that s a whole different game, so know the difference
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CHAPTER 19 Maintaining, Optimizing, and Troubleshooting Windows 2000/XP
If you get one of the catastrophic error messages, you have a three-level process to get back up and running: 1 You first should attempt to repair 2 If that fails, then attempt to restore from a backup copy of Windows 3 If restore is either not available or fails, then your only recourse is to rebuild You will lose data at the restore and rebuild phases, so you definitely want to spend a lot of effort on the repair effort first!
Attempt to Repair Using Recovery Console
To begin troubleshooting one of these errors, boot from the installation CD-ROM and have Windows do a repair of an existing installation Windows will ask you if you want to use the Recovery Console or the emergency repair process (ASR/ERD) Start with the Recovery Console If you ve been following along, you installed the Recovery Console onto your system and have it as an option when you boot the system If not, start it as described earlier using the Windows 2000 or XP installation CD-ROM When you select the Recovery Console, you will see a message about NTDETECT, another one that the Recovery Console is starting up, and then you will be greeted with the following message and command prompt:
Microsoft Windows XP<TM> Recovery Console The Recovery Console provides system repair and recovery functionality Type Exit to quit the Recovery Console and restart the computer 1: C:\WINDOWS Which Windows XP installation would you like to log onto <To cancel, press ENTER>
The cursor is a small, white rectangle sitting to the right of the question mark on the last line If you are not accustomed to working at the command prompt, this may be disorienting If only one installation of Windows XP is on your computer, type the number 1 at the prompt and press the ENTER key If you press ENTER before typing in a valid selection, the Recovery Console will cancel and the computer will reboot The only choice you can make in this example is 1 Having made that choice, the only change to the screen is a new line:
Type the Administrator password:
This is also followed by the cursor Enter the Administrator password for that computer and press ENTER The password will not display on the screen; you will see asterisks in place of the password The screen still shows everything that
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