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13: Maintaining Windows
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To check a physical hard drive for problems (bad sectors, lost clusters, and similar problems), use the Error-checking tool available from the CHKDSK command line or from the Tools tab on a drive s Properties dialog box Use Disk Defragmenter regularly to keep your system from slowing down due to fragmented files Click the Analyze button before defragmenting to make sure defragmentation is necessary Before defragmenting a drive, run the Disk Cleanup utility To run it, click the Disk Cleanup button on the Properties dialog box for any drive Disk Cleanup offers a projected summary of how much space will be freed up by running the tool and deleting files from certain categories In addition to deleting files, the utility can compress files that are rarely used File compression is where you are likely to regain the most hard drive storage space To clean the registry for Windows 2000/XP, you ll need to use a third-party tool, such as the freeware EasyCleaner by ToniArts The utility can be downloaded from http://personalinetfi/ business/toniarts/ecleanehtm Do not use anything from http://wwwtoniartscom, as that site is a scam!
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program to remove all remnants of a program, including Registry entries
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You can also add or remove Windows components as needed From the Add or Remove Program applet, simply select Add/Remove Windows Components You should have your Windows CD handy You will be prompted for it when you add a component When you select a program that is already installed, the wizard will show you how much disk space it occupies and how often it is used Installing the proper driver for a hardware device is essential Although Windows includes generic device drivers for many devices, it is best to use the specialized driver software designed for a specific device You can find the driver on the discs that come with the device, on Microsoft s Web site, or on the Web site of the device manufacturer To protect Windows systems from bad device drivers, Microsoft uses driver signing, which means that each driver has a digital signature Any drivers included on the Windows CD-ROM or at the Windows Update Web site are digitally signed Once you have installed a driver, you can look at its Properties to confirm that it was digitally signed Often unsigned drivers work fine If not, you can use the System Restore tool to restore the computer to its previous state You can also configure the Driver Signing Options for Windows to install an unsigned driver without warning you or to block all unsigned drivers The Device Manager is one of the most important tools for checking hardware, drivers, and resources Open the Properties for My Computer and select the Hardware tab to find the Device Manager button By right-clicking on a device, you will see the context menu from which you can update or install the driver, disable the device, scan for hardware changes, or display the Properties dialog box Windows XP also includes the Roll Back Driver feature that will remove an updated driver and roll back to a previous version Performance Options differs between Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but both versions enable you to set how processor time is divided between applications and background services You can also adjust the size of the page file, but it is best to let Windows control this feature
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Optimizing Windows
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Most applications have an Autorun file on the CD that calls up the installation program if Windows is configured for Autorun If the CD does not have an Autorun file, you can begin the software installation process manually by using the Add or Remove Programs applet After accepting the terms of the software license, you may be asked to make decisions about which components to install Usually, it is best to accept the suggested settings Removing applications that are no longer needed is an important piece of housekeeping When possible, use the uninstall program that came with the application Be prepared to provide the application CD-ROM if prompted for it If an uninstall program did not come with the application, use the Add or Remove Program applet from the Windows Control Panel If prompted to remove shared files that no longer seem needed, you should agree If you leave them, they become orphaned and take up hard disk space forever It is necessary to use an uninstall
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Mike Meyers CompTIA A+ Guide: Essentials (Exam 220-601)
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Resource tracking can help solve performance problems The Task Manager and Performance tools help identify bottlenecks To access the Task Manager, press CTRL-SHIFT-ESC, and then click the Performance tab This program tracks CPU usage, available memory, size of disk cache, and other resources or operations such as handles, threads, and processes It also displays the applications and processes that are running and the computer resources they are using If an application hangs, use the Task Manager to end the program It can also be used to switch between applications or to shut down the computer The Task Manager can also shut down locked-up processes The Performance console includes the System Monitor node and the Performance Logs and Alerts node System Monitor gathers real-time data about objects and displays them in a graph, histogram, or report You can add additional counters The Performance Logs and Alerts counters track a variety of system statistics You can determine when the tool will monitor performance and what the log file will be named Preparation is the key to troubleshooting Windows 2000 and XP Five different tools prepare for possible problems: System Restore, the Backup Utility, Emergency Repair Disk, Automated System Recovery, and Recovery Console First introduced with Windows Me, System Restore enables you to create a restore point or configuration at a specific time If the computer
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crashes or becomes corrupted, you can restore the system settings and programs Data is not lost with System Restore Although the OS itself creates a restore point when you install new software, you can designate other restore points
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Although many choose third-party backup utilities, Windows 2000 and XP include a full-featured backup program that works with network drives, logical drives, tape, and removable disks Both Windows 2000 and XP offer choices of Backup and Restore With Windows 2000, the third choice is Emergency Repair Disk (ERD); Windows XP offers the Automated System Recovery Wizard The ERD saves critical boot files and partition information Although it is not a bootable disk, it works with the \WINNT\REPAIR folder to store a copy of the Registry Windows XP uses the ASR Wizard to create a backup of the system It uses a floppy disk and a backup medium such as tape The restore capability of ASR involves a complete reinstall of the operating system, preferably on a new partition Neither the ERD nor the ASR backs up data files You should use the Backup Wizard to back up everything or just system-critical files A third option involves System State data that involves little more than an ERD with a Registry backup The Windows 2000/XP Recovery Console is a text-based startup of Windows To start this utility, run Setup and select Repair If you wish, you can install the Recovery Console on the hard drive as one of the startup options
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