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REGEDT32EXE A program used to edit the Windows registry REGEDT32EXE is available in Windows 2000 and XP only Register A storage area inside the CPU used by the onboard logic to perform calculations CPUs have many registers to perform different functions Registry A complex binary file used to store configuration data about a particular system To edit the Registry, a user can use the applets found in the Control Panel or REGEDITEXE or REGEDT32EXE Remote access The ability to access a computer from outside of the building in which it is housed Remote access requires communications hardware, software, and actual physical links Remote Desktop Connection The Windows XP tool to enable a local system to graphically access the desktop of a remote system Repeater A device that takes all of the data packets it receives on one Ethernet segment and re-creates them on another Ethernet segment This allows for longer cables or more computers on a segment Repeaters operate at Level 1 (Physical) of the OSI seven-layer model Resistor Any material or device that impedes the flow of electrons Electronic resistors measure their resistance (impedance) in Ohms (See Ohm(s)) Resolution A measurement for CRTs and printers expressed in horizontal and vertical dots or pixels Higher resolutions provide sharper details and thus display better-looking images Restore point A system snapshot created by the System Restore utility that is used to restore a malfunctioning system See also system restore RG-58 Coaxial cabling used for 10Base2 networks An individual stick of
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motherboard Riser cards are used extensively in slimline computers to keep total depth and height of the system to a minimum RJ (registered jack) UTP cable connectors, used for both telephone and network connections RJ-11 is a connector for four-wire UTP; usually found in telephone connections RJ-45 is a connector for eight-wire UTP; usually found in network connections RJ-11 RJ-45 See RJ (registered jack) See RJ (registered jack)
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ROM (read-only memory) The generic term for non-volatile memory that can be read from but not written to This means that code and data stored in ROM cannot be corrupted by accidental erasure Additionally, ROM retains its data when power is removed, which makes it the perfect medium for storing BIOS data or information such as scientific constants Root directory directories The directory that contains all other
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Router A device connecting separate networks that forwards a packet from one network to another based on the network address for the protocol being used For example, an IP router looks only at the IP network number Routers operate at Layer 3 (Network) of the OSI seven-layer model RS-232C A standard port recommended by the Electronics Industry Association for serial devices Run dialog box A command box designed to enable users to enter the name of a particular program to run; an alternative to locating the icon in Windows SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) A monitoring system built into hard drives S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format) A digital audio connector found on many high-end sound cards This connector enables a user to connect their computer directly to a 51 speaker system or receiver S/PDIF comes in both a coaxial and an optical version Safe mode An important diagnostic boot mode for Windows that causes Windows to start only running very basic drivers and turning off virtual memory
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RIMM (not an abbreviation) Rambus RAM
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RIS (Remote Installation Services) A tool introduced with Windows 2000 that can be used to initiate either a scripted installation or an installation of an image of an operating system onto a PC Riser card A special adapter card, usually inserted into a special slot on a motherboard, that changes the orientation of expansion cards relative to the
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Mike Meyers CompTIA A+ Guide: Essentials (Exam 220-601)
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Sampling The process of capturing sound waves in electronic format SATA (serial ATA) A serialized version of the ATA standard that offers many advantages over PATA (parallel ATA) technology, including new, thinner cabling, keyed connectors, and lower power requirements ScanDisk A utility included with Windows designed to detect and repair bad sectors on a hard disk SCSI (small computer system interface) A powerful and flexible peripheral interface popularized on the Macintosh and used to connect hard drives, CD-ROM drives, tape drives, scanners, and other devices to PCs of all kinds Because SCSI is less efficient at handling small drives than IDE, it did not become popular on IBM-compatible computers until price reductions made these large drives affordable Normal SCSI enables up to seven devices to be connected through a single bus connection, whereas Wide SCSI can handle 15 devices attached to a single controller SCSI chain A series of SCSI devices working together through a host adapter SCSI ID A unique identifier used by SCSI devices No two SCSI devices may have the same SCSI ID SCSI-1 The first official SCSI standard SCSI-1 is defined as an 8-bit, 5-MHz bus capable of supporting eight SCSI devices SCSI-2 Another SCSI standard that was the first SCSI standard to address all aspects of SCSI in detail SCSI-2 defined a common command set that allowed all SCSI devices to communicate with one another SCSI-3 The latest SCSI standard that offers transfer rates up to 320 MBps SD (Secure Digital) A very popular format for flash media cards; also supports I/O devices SDRAM (synchronous DRAM) A type of DRAM that is synchronous, or tied to the system clock This type of RAM is used in all modern systems SDRAM (synchronous DRAM) DRAM that is tied to the system clock and thus runs much faster than traditional FPM and EDO RAM
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SE (single-ended) A term used to describe SCSI-1 devices that used only one wire to communicate a single bit of information Single-ended SCSI devices are vulnerable to common-mode noise when used in conjunction with SCSI cables over 6 meters in length SEC (single-edge cartridge) A radical CPU package where the CPU was contained in a cartridge that snapped into a special slot on the motherboard called Slot 1 Sector A segment of one of the concentric tracks encoded on the disk during a low-level format A sector holds 512 bytes of data Sector translation The translation of logical geometry into physical geometry by the onboard circuitry of a hard drive Segment The bus cable to which the computers on an Ethernet network connect Serial port A common connector on a PC used to connect input devices (such as a mouse) or communications devices (such as a modem) Server A computer that shares its resources, such as printers and files, with other computers on a network An example of this is a Network File System Server that shares its disk space with a workstation that does not have a disk drive of its own Service pack A collection of software patches released at one time by a software manufacturer Services Background programs running in Windows that provide a myriad of different functions such as printer spooling and wireless networking Setuplogtxt A log file that tracks the complete installation process, logging the success or failure of file copying, Registry updates, and reboots Share-level security Security system in which each resource has a password assigned to it; access to the resource is based on knowing the password Shareware A program protected by copyright; holder allows (encourages!) you to make and distribute copies under the condition that those who adopt the software after preview pay a fee to the holder of the copyright Derivative works are not allowed, although you may make an archival copy
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