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USB (universal serial bus) A general-purpose serial interconnect for keyboards, printers, joysticks, and many other devices Enables hot-swapping and daisy-chaining devices User account A container that identifies a user to an application, operating system, or network, including name, password, user name, groups to which the user belongs, and other information based on the user and the OS or NOS being used Usually defines the rights and roles a user plays on a system User interface A visual representation of the computer on the monitor that makes sense to the people using the computer, through which the user can interact with the computer User level security A security system in which each user has an account and access to resources is based on user identity User profiles A collection of settings that correspond to a specific user account and may follow the user regardless of the computer at which he or she logs on These settings enable the user to have customized environment and security settings UTP (unshielded twisted pair) A popular type of cabling for telephone and networks, composed of pairs of wires twisted around each other at specific intervals The twists serve to reduce interference (also called crosstalk) The more twists, the less interference The cable has no metallic shielding to protect the wires from external interference, unlike its cousin, STP 10BaseT uses UTP, as do many other networking technologies UTP is available in a variety of grades, called categories, as follows: Category 1 UTP Regular analog phone lines not used for data communications Category 2 UTP Supports speeds up to 4 megabits per second Category 3 UTP Supports speeds up to 16 megabits per second Category 4 UTP Supports speeds up to 20 megabits per second Category 5 UTP Supports speeds up to 100 megabits per second V standards Standards established by CCITT for modem manufacturers to follow (voluntarily) to
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ensure compatible speeds, compression, and error correction VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) A consortium of computer manufacturers that standardized improvements to common IBM PC components VESA is responsible for the Super VGA video standard and the VLB bus architecture VGA (Video Graphics Array) The standard for the video graphics adapter that was built into IBM s PS/2 computer It supports 16 colors in a 640 480 pixel video display, and quickly replaced the older CGA (Color Graphics Adapter) and EGA (Extended Graphics Adapter) standards VIA Technologies Major manufacturer of chipsets for motherboards Also produces Socket 370 CPUs through its subsidiary Cyrix that compete directly with Intel Video card An expansion card that works with the CPU to produce the images that are displayed on your computer s display Virtual Pertaining to a device or facility that does not physically exist, yet behaves as if it does For example, a system with 4 MB of virtual memory may have only 1 MB of physical memory plus additional (slower and cheaper) auxiliary memory Yet programs written as if 4 MB of physical memory were available will run correctly Virtual memory A section of a system s hard drive that is set aside to be used when physical memory is unavailable or completely in use Virus A program that can make a copy of itself without you necessarily being aware of it; some viruses can destroy or damage files, and generally the best protection is always to maintain backups of your files Virus definition or data file These files are also called signature files depending on the virus protection software in use These files enable the virus protection software to recognize the viruses on your system and clean them These files should be updated often VIS (viewable image size) A measurement of the viewable image that is displayed by a CRT rather than a measurement of the CRT itself Voice coil motor drive platters A type of motor used to spin hard
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Mike Meyers CompTIA A+ Guide: Essentials (Exam 220-601)
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Volatile Memory that must have constant electricity in order to retain data Alternatively, any programmer six hours before deadline after a non-stop, 48-hour coding session, running on nothing but caffeine and sugar Volts (V) The pressure of the electrons passing through a wire is called voltage and is measured in units called volts (V) Volume boot sector The first sector of the first cylinder of each partition has a boot sector called the volume boot sector, which stores information important to its partition, such as the location of the operating system boot files Volume A physical unit of a storage medium, such as tape reel or disk pack, that is capable of having data recorded on it and subsequently read Also refers to a contiguous collection of cylinders or blocks on a disk that are treated as a separate unit VRAM (video RAM) A type of memory in a video display adapter that s used to create the image appearing on the CRT screen VRAM uses dual-ported memory, which enables simultaneous reads and writes, making it much quicker than DRAM VRM (voltage regulator module) A small card supplied with some CPUs to ensure that the CPU gets correct voltage This type of card, which must be used with a motherboard specially designed to accept it, is not commonly seen today VRR (vertical refresh rate) A measurement of the amount of time it takes for a CRT to completely draw a complete screen This value is measured in hertz, or cycles per second Most modern CRTs have a VRR of 60 Hz or better VxD (virtual device driver) A special type of driver file used to support older Windows programs Windows protection errors take place when VxDs fail to load or unload This usually occurs when a device somehow gets a device driver in both CONFIGSYS and SYSTEMINI or the Registry WAN (wide area network) A geographically dispersed network created by linking various computers and local-area networks over long distances, generally using leased phone lines There is no firm dividing line between a WAN and a LAN
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Warm boot A system restart performed after the system has been powered and operating This clears and resets the memory, but does not stop and start the hard drive Wattage (watts or W) The amount of amps and volts needed by a particular device to function is expressed as how much wattage (watts or W) that device needs WAV (Windows Audio Format) format for Windows The default sound
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Wave table synthesis A technique that supplanted FM synthesis, wherein recordings of actual instruments or other sounds are embedded in the sound card as WAV files When a particular note from a particular instrument or voice is requested, the sound processor grabs the appropriate prerecorded WAV file from its memory and adjusts it to match the specific sound and timing requested Wildcard A character used during a search to represent search criteria For instance, searching for *doc will return a list of all files with a doc extension, regardless of the filename * is the wildcard in that search Windows 2000 The Windows version that succeeded Windows NT; it came in both Professional and Server versions Windows 9x A term used collectively for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Me Windows NT The precursor to Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, which introduced many important features (such as HAL and NTFS) used in all later versions of Windows Windows Vista The latest version of Windows; comes in many different versions for home and office use, but does not have a Server version Windows XP The version of Windows that replaced both the entire Windows 9x line and Windows 2000; does not have a Server version WINS (Windows Internet Name Service) A name resolution service that resolves NetBIOS names to IP addresses Word A unit of 16 binary digits or two bytes
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