17: The Internet in Software

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17: The Internet
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Windows includes configuration options to set up dial-up networks Windows XP uses the Network and Internet Connections applet, while Windows 2000 calls this feature Network and Dial-up Connections To configure dial-up networking, you ll need information from your ISP Dial-up links to the Internet use PPP streaming hardware protocol If you can t connect to the Internet, look at the modem s properties to make sure the volume is turned up Listen, too, for a befuddled voice on the other end that would indicate your modem is dialing the wrong number Other things to check: Be sure the line is plugged into a good phone jack, and make sure the number and password are correct If you still can t connect to the Internet, call the network technicians to check that the dial-up networking settings are correct An ISDN consists of two types of channels: Bearer, or B, channels that carry data and voice at 64 Kbps, and Delta, or D, channels that transmit setup and configuration information at 16 Kbps Users can use one or two B channels, but the most common setup is the BRI consisting of two B channels and one D to provide a throughput total of 128 Kbps Except for the steep cost of installation and equipment, ISDN lines are only slightly more expensive than regular phone lines, but this service is limited to an area within about 18,000 feet of a central office ISDN uses a terminal adapter that looks like a regular modem and may be either external or internal DSL modems connect to an ISP using a standard telephone line and special connections on each end Although service levels vary, typical upload speed is ~384 Kbps with a download speed of ~2+ Mbps A tech usually comes to the house to install a DSL receiver (often called a DSL modem) as well as a NIC in the PC DSL is usually limited to about 18,000 feet from a main phone service switching center Cable TV companies offer high-speed Internet access, with an upload speed of about 384+ Kbps and download transmission rates of 2+ Mbps With a TV tuner card, cable enables you to watch TV on your PC Many businesses connect their local area network (LAN) to an ISP This configuration requires either a second NIC or a modem
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Wireless Internet service requires connecting to a LAN that s wired to an ISP The other wireless option is a satellite connection Although early satellite technology required uploads through a slow modem (26 48 Kbps) and fast downloads through the dish, newer technology uses the modem only for the initial setup, sending both downloads and uploads through the dish ICS enables multiple systems to use one Internet connection Included in Windows 2000/XP, ICS uses an ICS host computer connected to the Internet that then shares the connection via a LAN with client computers The ICS host computer must have a NIC or modem to connect to the Internet and a NIC that plugs into a hub The other PCs then connect to the hub If you have a connection to the Internet, you should also have some kind of security Windows 2000 requires you to use a third-party tool such as a hardware firewall Windows XP, however, has a built-in firewall to stop uninvited access from the Internet ICF lets you communicate only with machines that are responding to your initial communication
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Internet Software Tools
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Applications provide TCP/IP services, including Web, e-mail, newsgroups, FTP, Telnet, and VoIP Using Web browser software, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, you can access Web sites and pages from Web servers throughout the world If you are unsuccessful in connecting to a site, use the command-line tool ping to determine whether the server is up Simply type ping followed by either the DNS name or the IP address If the device you are trying to ping is not available, you ll see a Request timed out message You can use the loopback address (127001) to ping yourself A proxy server is software that enables multiple connections to the Internet to go through one protected PC Configure proxy settings through the Local Area Network Settings dialog box Although automatic detection of the proxy server is the default setting, you can also specify an IP address for a proxy server You should also know how to adjust security settings in your Web browser In IE, choose Tools | Internet Options and open the Security tab You can set different security levels or manually select the features you want to enable or disable
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Mike Meyers CompTIA A+ Guide: PC Technician (Exams 220-602, 220-603, & 220-604)
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Security also includes encrypting information such as credit card numbers, home phone numbers, or other personal information The most common method of encrypting this information is HTTPS You ll identify Web sites using HTTPS by the HTTPS: that appears at the beginning of the Web address and the little lock icon You need an e-mail program such as Mozilla Thunderbird to receive e-mail To set up an e-mail client, provide your e-mail address and password E-mail addresses use the accountname@Internet domain format You must also add the names of the POP3 or IMAP server for incoming mail and the SMTP server for outgoing mail You need a newsreader such as Outlook Express to access a newsgroup News servers run Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) Check with your ISP to get the name of the news server, along with a user name and password if necessary FTP enables you to send and receive files You may use an FTP client such as WS_FTP, although later versions of IE and other Web browsers provide support for FTP You ll have to log on to an FTP site, although most public FTP sites allow anonymous logon Telnet is a terminal emulation program for TCP/IP networks It lets you connect to a server and run commands as if you were sitting in front of the
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server Telnet requires a special user name and password The user name and password will be sent over the network in clear text
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Voice over IP (VoIP) enables you to make voice calls over your computer network and refers to a collection of protocols Vendors such as Skype and Vonage offer VoIP solutions Today, terminal emulation usually means graphical terminal emulation programs from third-party companies or in the Windows operating system Terminal emulation programs require separate server and client programs Windows 2000 Server was the first Windows version to include a built-in terminal emulator called Windows Terminal Services The client works on every version of Windows and is free Windows XP uses Remote desktop to provide full functions of Terminal Services In essence, your desktop seamlessly becomes the server desktop Remote Assistance, available with Windows XP, enables you to give anyone control of your desktop Useful for giving a tech control of a computer to troubleshoot a hardware configuration or driver problem, Remote Assistance can also be used to install drivers or teach someone how to use a particular application
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