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Reading QR Code In None
Using Barcode Control SDK for Software Control to generate, create, read, scan barcode image in Software applications.
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Using Barcode creation for Software Control to generate, create QR-Code image in Software applications.
CNR (Communications and Network Riser) A proprietary slot used on some motherboards to provide a sound inference free connection for modems, sound cards, and NICs Coaxial cable Cabling in which an internal conductor is surrounded by another, outer conductor, thus sharing the same axis Code A set of symbols representing characters (eg, ASCII code) or instructions in a computer program (a programmer writes source code, which must be translated into executable or machine code for the computer to use) Used colloquially as a verb, to code is to write computer code; and as a noun, He writes clean/sloppy/bad code Codec (compressor/decompressor) Software that compresses or decompresses media streams Collision The result of two nodes transmitting at the same time on a multiple access network such as Ethernet Both packets may be lost, or partial packets may result Collision domain A set of Ethernet segments that receive all traffic generated by any node within those segments Repeaters, amplifiers, and hubs do not create separate collision domains, but bridges, routers, and switches do COM port(s) A system name that refers to the serial communications ports available on your computer When used as a program extension, COM indicates an executable program file limited to 64 KB Command A request, typed from a terminal or embedded in a file, to perform an operation or to execute a particular program Command processor The part of the operating system that accepts input from the user and displays any messages, such as confirmation and error messages Command prompt commands A text prompt for entering
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Using Barcode recognizer for Software Control to read, scan read, scan image in Software applications.
Creating QR Code JIS X 0510 In C#
Using Barcode encoder for Visual Studio .NET Control to generate, create Denso QR Bar Code image in .NET framework applications.
Communications programs usually provide for file transfer between microcomputers and mainframes Compact Flash (CF) One of the older but still popular flash media formats Its interface uses a simplified PC Card bus, so it also supports I/O devices Component failure Occurs when a system device fails due to manufacturing or some other type of defect Compression The process of squeezing data to eliminate redundancies, allowing files to be stored or transmitted using less space Conditioning charger A battery charger that contains intelligent circuitry that prevents portable computer batteries from being overcharged and damaged Connectionless protocol A protocol that does not establish and verify a connection between the hosts before sending data it just sends it and hopes for the best This is faster than connection-oriented protocols UDP is an example of a connectionless protocol Connection-oriented protocol A protocol that establishes a connection between two hosts before transmitting data, and verifies receipt before closing the connection between the hosts TCP is an example of a connection-oriented protocol Connectors Small receptacles that are used to attach cables to a system Common types of connectors include USB, PS/2, and DB-25 Control Panel A collection of Windows applets, or small programs, that can be used to configure various pieces of hardware and software in a system Controller card A card adapter that connects devices, like a disk drive, to the main computer bus/motherboard Convergence A measure of how sharply a single pixel appears on a CRT; a monitor with poor convergence would produce images that are not sharply defined Copy backup A type of backup similar to Normal or Full, in that all selected files on a system are backed up This type of backup does not change the archive bit of the files being backed up
Drawing QR Code In Visual Studio .NET
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Command-line interface A user interface for an OS devoid of all graphical trappings; interfaces directly with the OS Communications program A program that makes a computer act as a terminal to another computer
Printing QR-Code In VB.NET
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Encode DataMatrix In None
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Mike Meyers A+ Guide to Managing and Troubleshooting PCs
USS Code 128 Creation In None
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Barcode Generation In None
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Core Name used for the family of Intel CPUs that succeeded the Pentium 4 Counter Used to track data about a particular object when using the Performance console CPU (central processing unit) The brain of the computer The microprocessor that handles the primary calculations for the computer CPUs are known by names such as Pentium 4 and Athlon CPU fan The cooling unit that sits directly on and cools the CPU CPUID Information stored in a CPU that gives very detailed information about every aspect of the CPU including vendor, speed, and model Many programs access and display this information CRC (cyclic redundancy check) A very accurate mathematical method that is used to check for errors in long streams of transmitted data Before data is sent, the main computer uses the data to calculate a CRC value from the data s contents If the receiver calculates a different CRC value from the received data, the data was corrupted during transmission and is resent Ethernet packets have a CRC code C-RIMM (continuity RIMM) A passive device added to populate unused banks in a system that uses RAMBUS RIMMs Crossover cable Special UTP cable used to connect hubs or to connect network cards without a hub Crossover cables reverse the sending and receiving wire pairs from one end to the other Crossover port Special port in a hub that crosses the sending and receiving wires, thus removing the need for a crossover cable to connect the hubs CRT (cathode ray tube) The tube of a monitor in which rays of electrons are beamed onto a phosphorescent screen to produce images Also a shorthand way to describe a monitor that uses CRT rather than LCD technology CSMA/CD (carrier sense multiple access with collision detection) The access method Ethernet systems use in local area networking technologies enabling packets of data information to flow through the network ultimately to reach address locations Cylinder A single track on all the platters in a hard drive Imagine a hard drive as a series of metal cans,
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nested one inside another; a single can would represent a cylinder Cyrix Company that made CPUs in direct competition with Intel and AMD Bought by Via Technologies in 2000 Daily backup Also called daily copy backup A backup of all files that have been changed on that day without changing the archive bits of those files Daisy-chaining A method of connecting together several devices along a bus and managing the signals for each device DAT (digital audio tape) Higher storage capacity tape recording system that uses digital recording methods Used for digital audio and video as well as data backups Data structure A term that is used interchangeably with the term file system See also file system DB connectors D-shaped connectors used for a variety of connections in the PC and networking world Can be male (with prongs) or female (with holes) and have a varying number of pins or sockets Also called D-sub or D-subminiature connectors DB-15 A two- or three-row DB connector (female) used for 10Base5 networks, MIDI/joysticks, and analog video DB-25 connector DB connector (female), commonly referred to as a parallel port connector DC (direct current) A type of electricity in which the flow of electrons is in a complete circle in one direction DDR SDRAM (double data rate SDRAM) A type of DRAM that makes two processes for every clock cycle See also DRAM DDR2 SDRAM A type of SDRAM that sends four bits of data in every clock cycle See double data rate SDRAM Debug To detect, trace, and eliminate errors in computer programs Decoder A tool used to decode data that has been encoded; for instance, a DVD decoder breaks down the code used to encrypt the data on a piece of DVD Video media
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Code 39 Generator In Java
Using Barcode printer for Android Control to generate, create Code 3/9 image in Android applications.
Barcode Generator In VB.NET
Using Barcode creator for Visual Studio .NET Control to generate, create bar code image in Visual Studio .NET applications.
GS1 - 12 Creation In Visual Basic .NET
Using Barcode generator for VS .NET Control to generate, create UCC - 12 image in .NET applications.
UPC Code Scanner In Visual C#
Using Barcode decoder for Visual Studio .NET Control to read, scan read, scan image in .NET framework applications.
Scanning UCC - 12 In Visual Basic .NET
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Paint 1D Barcode In Java
Using Barcode drawer for Java Control to generate, create Linear Barcode image in Java applications.
Code 128 Code Set A Recognizer In Java
Using Barcode scanner for Java Control to read, scan read, scan image in Java applications.
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