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Mini power connector A type of connector used to provide power to floppy disk drives Mini-DIN A very popular small connection most commonly used for keyboards and mice MIPS (millions of instructions per second) processor benchmarks Used for
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connectors to attach a variety of devices to your system, including hard drives, CD-ROM drives, floppy disk drives, and sound cards Motherboard book A valuable resource when installing a new motherboard The motherboard book normally lists all the specifications about a motherboard, including the type of memory and type of CPU that should be used with the motherboard Mount point A drive that functions like a folder mounted into another drive Mouse An input device that enables a user to manipulate a cursor on the screen in order to select items MP3 Short for MPEG, Layer 3 MP3 is a type of compression used specifically for turning highquality digital audio files into much smaller, yet similar sounding, files MPA (Microsoft Product Activation) Introduced by Microsoft with the release on Windows XP, Microsoft Product Activation prevents unauthorized use of Microsoft s software by requiring a user to activate the software MSCONFIG The executable file that runs the System Configuration Utility, a utility found in Windows that enables a user to configure a system s boot files and critical system files Often used for the name of the utility, as in just run MSCONFIG MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) operating system released by Microsoft The first
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Mirrored volume A volume that is mirrored on another volume See also mirroring Mirroring Also called drive mirroring Reading and writing data at the same time to two drives for fault tolerance purposes Considered RAID level 1 MMC (Microsoft Management Console) A new means of managing a system, introduced by Microsoft with Windows 2000 The MMC allows an Administrator to customize management tools by picking and choosing from a list of snap-ins Some snap-ins that are available are the Device Manager, Users and Groups, and Computer Management MMU (memory management unit) A chip or circuit that translates virtual memory addresses into physical addresses and may implement memory protection MMX (multimedia extensions) A set of specific CPU instructions that enables a CPU to handle many multimedia functions, such as digital signal processing Introduced with the Pentium CPU, these instructions are now used on all 86 CPUs Mobile CPU A CPU designed for use in portable computers that uses much less power than a normal, desktop CPU Modem (modulator/demodulator) A device that converts a digital bit stream into an analog signal (modulation) and converts incoming analog signals back into digital signals (demodulation) The analog communications channel is typically a telephone line, and the analog signals are typically sounds Molex connector A type of computer power connector CD-ROM drives, hard drives, and case fans all use this type of connector A Molex connector is keyed to prevent it from being inserted into a power port improperly Motherboard A flat piece of circuit board that resides inside your computer case The motherboard has a number of connectors on it; you can use these
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Multiboot A type of OS installation in which multiple operating systems are installed on a single machine Can also refer to kicking a device several times in frustration Multimeter A device that is used to measure voltage, amperage, and resistance Multiplexer A device that merges information from multiple input channels to a single output channel MultiRead The ability of most modern CD-ROM drives to read a wide variety of discs is called MultiRead Modern CD-ROMs can read CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW discs
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Mike Meyers A+ Guide to Managing and Troubleshooting PCs
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Multisession drive A recordable CD drive that is capable of burning multiple sessions onto a single recordable disc A multisession drive also has the ability to close a CD-R so that no further tracks can be written to it Multitasking The process of running multiple programs or tasks on the same computer at the same time My Computer An applet that allows a user to access a complete listing of all fixed and removable drives contained within a system My Documents Introduced with Windows 98, the My Documents folder provides a convenient place for a user to store their documents, log files, and any other type of files Native resolution The resolution on an LCD monitor that matches the physical pixels on the screen CRTs do not have fixed pixels and therefore do not have a native resolution NBTSTAT A command-line utility used to check the current NetBIOS name cache on a particular machine The utility compares NetBIOS names to their corresponding IP addresses NDS (Novell Directory Services) The default security and directory system for Novell NetWare 4x and 5x Organizes users, servers, and groups into a hierarchical tree NetBEUI (NetBIOS Extended User Interface) A protocol supplied with all Microsoft networking products that operates at the Transport layer Also a protocol suite that includes NetBIOS NetBEUI does not support routing NetBIOS (network basic input/output system) A protocol that operates at the Session layer of the OSI seven-layer model This protocol creates and manages connections based on the names of the computers involved NetBIOS name A computer name that identifies both the specific machine and the functions that machine performs A NetBIOS name consists of 16 characters: 15 characters of a name, with a 16th character that is a special suffix that identifies the role the machine plays NETSTAT A command-line utility used to examine the sockets-based connections open on a given host
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Network A collection of two or more computers interconnected by telephone lines, coaxial cables, satellite links, radio, and/or some other communication technique A computer network is a group of computers that are connected together and that communicate with one another for a common purpose Network ID A number that identifies the network on which a device or machine exists This number exists in both IP and IPX protocol suites Newsgroup Usenet Nibble The name for discussion groups on
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