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SPS (standby power supply or system) A device that supplies continuous clean power to a computer system immediately following a power failure See also UPS (uninterruptible power supply) SRAM (static RAM) A type of RAM that uses a flip-flop type circuit rather than the typical transistor/capacitor of DRAM to hold a bit of information SRAM does not need to be refreshed and is faster than regular DRAM Used primarily for cache Standard account A type of user account in Windows Vista that has limited access to a system Accounts of this type cannot alter system files, cannot install new programs, and cannot edit some settings using the Control Panel without supplying an administrator password Replaces the Limited accounts in Windows XP Standouts Small connectors that screw into a computer case A motherboard is then placed on top of the standouts, and small screws are used to secure the motherboard to the standouts Start menu A menu that can be accessed by clicking the Start button on the Windows taskbar This menu enables you to see all programs loaded on the system and to start them Startup disk A bootable floppy disk that contains just enough files to perform basic troubleshooting from an A:\ prompt Stick The generic name for a single physical SIMM, RIMM, or DIMM STP (shielded twisted pair) A popular cabling for networks composed of pairs of wires twisted around each other at specific intervals The twists serve to reduce interference (also called crosstalk) The more twists, the less interference The cable has metallic shielding to protect the wires from external interference Token Ring networks are the only common network technology that uses STP, although Token Ring more often now uses UTP Stripe set Two or more drives in a group that are used for a striped volume Subdirectories A directory that resides inside of another directory Subnet In a TCP/IP internetwork, each independent network is referred to as a subnet 1010
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Subnet mask The value used in TCP/IP settings to divide the IP address of a host into its component parts: network ID and host ID Subwoofer A powerful speaker capable of producing extremely low-frequency sounds Super I/O chip A chip specially designed to control low-speed, legacy devices such as the keyboard, mouse, and serial and parallel ports Superuser Default, all-powerful account in UNIX/Linux Surge suppressor An inexpensive device that protects your computer from voltage spikes SVGA (super video graphics array) mode of 800 600 Swap file memory Video display
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A name for the large file used by virtual
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Switch A device that filters and forwards traffic based on some criteria A bridge and a router are both examples of switches SXGA SXGA+ Video display mode of 1280 1024 Video display mode of 1400 1050
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Synchronous Describes a connection between two electronic devices where neither must acknowledge ( ACK ) when receiving data System attribute A file attribute used to designate important system files, like CONFIGSYS or WININI System BIOS The primary set of BIOS stored on an EPROM or Flash chip on the motherboard Defines the BIOS for all the assumed hardware on the motherboard, such as keyboard controller, floppy drive, basic video, RAM, etc System bus speed The speed at which the CPU and the rest of the PC operates; set by the system crystal System crystal The crystal that provides the speed signals for the CPU and the rest of the system System fan The name of any fan controlled by the motherboard but not directly attached to the CPU System Monitor A utility that can be used to evaluate and monitor system resources, like CPU usage and memory usage
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Mike Meyers A+ Guide to Managing and Troubleshooting PCs
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System resources System resources are I/O addresses, IRQs, DMA channels, and memory addresses System Restore A utility in Windows Me that enables you to return your PC to a recent working configuration when something goes wrong System Restore returns your computer s system settings to the way they were the last time you remember your system working correctly all without affecting your personal files or e-mail System ROM BIOS The ROM chip that stores the system
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TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) A set of communication protocols developed by the US Department of Defense that enables dissimilar computers to share information over a network TCP/IP services A set of special sharing functions unique to TCP/IP The most famous is Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), the language of the World Wide Web Telnet and Ping are two other widely-used TCP/IP services Tera- A prefix that usually stands for the binary number 1,099,511,627,776 (2 40) When used for mass storage, often shorthand usage for a trillion bytes Terabyte 1,099,551,627,776 bytes
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System Tools menu A menu that can be accessed by selecting Start | Accessories | System Tools In this menu, you can access tools like System Information and Disk Defragmenter System Tray Located by default at the right edge of the Windows taskbar, the system tray contains icons representing background processes, and also contains the system clock Accurately called the notification area System unit The main component of the PC in which the CPU, RAM, CD-ROM, and hard drive reside All other devices like the keyboard, mouse, and monitor connect to the system unit Tablet PC A small portable computer distinguished by the use of a touch screen with stylus and handwriting recognition as the primary mode of input Also the name of the Windows operating system designed to run on such systems Task Manager The Task Manager shows all running programs, including hidden ones You access the Task Manager by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL You can use it to shut down an unresponsive application that refuses to close normally Taskbar Located by default at the bottom of the desktop, the taskbar contains the Start button, the system tray, the Quick Launch bar, and buttons for running applications TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) Part of the TCP/IP protocol suite, TCP operates at Layer 4 (the Transport layer) of the OSI seven-layer model TCP is a connection-oriented protocol
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Terminal emulation Software that enables a PC to communicate with another computer or network as if the PC were a specific type of hardware terminal Terminal A dumb device connected to a mainframe or computer network that acts as a point for entry or retrieval of information Termination The use of terminating resistors to prevent packet reflection on a network cable Terminator A resistor that is plugged into the end of a bus cable to absorb the excess electrical signal, preventing it from bouncing back when it reaches the end of the wire Terminators are used with coaxial cable and on the ends of SCSI chains RG-58 coaxial cable requires resistors with a 50-Ohm impedance Text mode During a Windows installation, the period when the computer displays simple textual information on a plain background, before switching to full graphical screens During this part of the installation, the system inspects the hardware, displays the EULA for you to accept, enables you to partition the hard drive, and copies files to the hard drive, including a base set of files for running the graphical portion of the OS TFT (thin film transistor) also active matrix A type of LCD screen See
Thermal compound Also called heat dope A paste-like material with very high heat transfer properties; applied between the CPU and the cooling device, it ensures the best possible dispersal of heat from the CPU
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