Lab Exercise 1902: Enabling Windows Firewall 277 in Software

Generating QR Code ISO/IEC18004 in Software Lab Exercise 1902: Enabling Windows Firewall 277

Lab Exercise 1902: Enabling Windows Firewall 277
Recognize QR Code ISO/IEC18004 In None
Using Barcode Control SDK for Software Control to generate, create, read, scan barcode image in Software applications.
Make QR-Code In None
Using Barcode generator for Software Control to generate, create QR Code ISO/IEC18004 image in Software applications.
Figure 19-3 The Windows Firewall properties screen
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QR Code JIS X 0510 Creation In C#.NET
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Figure 19-4 The Windows Firewall Advanced properties screen
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278 19: Learning Computer Security
Creating QR Code In VB.NET
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DataMatrix Creator In None
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Step 4 This opens the Advanced Settings dialog box, where you can allow various services to pass through the Internet connection and access dedicated servers on your internal network For instance, if you have an FTP server that you have technicians update from the eld, you will want to enable external communication by allowing TCP service port 21 to pass through the rewall (see Figure 19-5) Using the Edit button, identify the service ports for the following protocols (I have completed the rst one for you; see Figure 19-6):
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File Transfer Protocol (FTP Server) __________________________________________ TCP Port 21 Internet Mail Access Protocol version 4 (IMAP4) _______________________________ Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) _______________________________________ Post Of ce Protocol version 3 (POP3) ________________________________________ Secure Sockets Layer (HTTPS) ______________________________________________ Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) _________________________________________
Encoding ISBN - 13 In None
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Generating Bar Code In Objective-C
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Step 5 To complete this lab, check with your instructor to obtain the proper con guration of the rewall to allow the completion of further labs You will probably disable the Windows Firewall for normal classroom use
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Figure 19-5 Allowing FTP traf c to pass through the rewall in Windows XP
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Create Barcode In Java
Using Barcode drawer for BIRT Control to generate, create barcode image in Eclipse BIRT applications.
Figure 19-6 Service Settings showing the TCP port number for the FTP server in Windows XP
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Key Term Quiz 279
Lab Analysis Test
1 2 3 4 5
While browsing the Internet, Maxel has been getting a lot more pop-ups lately He assumes he has some kind of adware on his system What should he do to x this Erica has been trying to play several multiplayer games with her friends over a LAN, but can never nd or connect to them What might be blocking her connection, and how could she x this Why do you need to update an antivirus program s de nition le regularly Zach has recently rid his computer of a virus that was deleting important system les Now that the virus is gone, what should he do next What is a stealth virus
Key Term Quiz
Use the following terms to complete the following sentences Not all terms will be used adware antivirus program de nition le phishing polymorph virus pop-up signature spam spyware Trojan virus worm
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____________________ is a type of unsolicited e-mail that usually contains hoaxes and getrich-quick schemes A(n) __________________ appears as a new window in front of whatever application you are using It is necessary to have a(n) ____________________ to protect your computer from malicious programs and other malware A piece of malicious software that gets passed from computer to computer is known most generically as a(n) __________________ The code pattern of a known virus is known as its __________________
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282 20: The Complete PC Technician
At this point you re well on your path to becoming a CompTIA A+
certi ed technician You have an excellent understanding of the major technical aspects of computer systems: hardware, software, networking, and the Internet When a client launches an application, that person isn t thinking about what happens behind the scenes: Hey, look at me! I m using the keyboard and mouse to input data! The processor is calculating all of the information to produce the desired results and present the output on the screen or in hard copy form on a printer This is only possible because the operating system, applications, and data were successfully stored on the hard drive You, as the tech, do have to think about all of this, but you also need the user s perspective When you look at the computer system as a whole that is, as a practical tool that can create and process everything from your r sum to the latest Hollywood thriller you ll have a better understanding of how your clients envision the computer A PC tech in the real world also has to work with people: customers, clients, supervisors, coworkers, family members, maybe even spouses You have to develop the skills for calmly gathering information about the state the computer is in and how it arrived there Usually, your clients won t use the most technical language to explain the situation, and they may be frustrated or even a little on the defensive, so you need to be understanding and patient You want them to see you as an ally, and to ensure that they do, you ll need to treat them with respect and kindness Bear in mind that someone who doesn t understand computers can still be quite intelligent and capable in other areas; talking down to a client is a bad idea! The client also trusts in your integrity to solve the problem in the most ef cient and cost-effective manner possible, and to return their machine and data uncompromised
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