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For details about creating and formatting partitions using Disk Management, refer to the Disk Management section in 12 of Mike Meyers CompTIA A+ Guide to Managing and Troubleshooting PCs
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236 12: Implementing Hard Drives
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This lab exercise assumes that you want to create a partition on the second or third hard drive installed on the Windows lab system and then format that partition with a le system Disk Management will enable you to format the partition right away; however, you can also use another Windows utility that you should be intimately familiar with by now: My Computer/Computer Follow the steps in this lab exercise to create and format a new partition
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Each version of Windows can read from and write to the FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS le systems However, only Windows 2000/XP can be installed to a FAT16 or FAT32 partition Windows Vista/7 must be installed on an NTFS partition
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Learning Objectives
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In this exercise, you ll use the Disk Management program to partition a hard drive and format the partition with a le system At the end of this lab, you ll be able to Set up a primary, active partition on a hard drive Set up an extended partition and logical drives in that partition Format partitions with various le systems
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Lab Materials and Setup
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The materials you need for this lab are The PC from Lab Exercise 1107, with a primary hard drive that holds your Windows installation and the two blank hard drives that you can partition and format
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Partitioning a hard drive destroys any data on it! Practice this lab only on drives that don t contain any data you need
Getting Down to Business
The steps for partitioning drives and formatting partitions in each version of Windows are very similar Step 1 Right-click the My Computer/Computer icon and select Manage to open a Computer Management window Under the Storage node, click Disk Management
Lab Exercise 1203: Using Windows Tools to Create and Format Partitions 237
Step 2 As in prior lab exercises, if there are any existing partitions on the second or third drive, highlight the partitions and either right-click and delete the partitions or simply press DELETE Step 3 Start the process of creating a partition by right-clicking an unpartitioned section of drive space and, in 2000/XP, selecting New Partition (see Figure 12-9) In Vista/7, select New Simple Volume This will start the New Partition Wizard or the New Simple Volume Wizard, depending on the OS Step 4 Click Next, and, in Windows 2000/XP, select Primary Partition (in Windows Vista/7, you will not have to select Primary Partition) At the next screen, enter the size of your new partition in megabytes Step 5 You can now assign a drive letter or mount the partition to an empty folder For now, go with the default drive letter assignment and click Next again Step 6 The next screen offers you the option to format the new partition with a le system Select a le system: FAT, FAT32, or NTFS (Note that Windows will not allow Disk Management to create a FAT16 partition larger than 4 GB or a FAT32 partition larger than 32 GB) Then enter a volume label if you want and click OK Figure 12-10 shows this selection screen in the Disk Management utility Step 7 The utility warns you that formatting will erase all data on the drive Click OK to begin formatting
Figure 12-9 Creating a new partition in Disk Management
238 12: Implementing Hard Drives
Figure 12-10 Formatting a partition in Disk Management
Step 8 You can also format partitions in My Computer/Computer, but generally speaking you ll use this method only to format removable media such as oppy disks, Zip disks, USB thumb drives, and so on Right-click a drive icon in My Computer/Computer and select Format to open the Formatting dialog box (see Figure 12-11) Now proceed as in Step 6 Step 9 Practice deleting, creating, and formatting different combinations of partitions and le systems to become comfortable with the Disk Management utility
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