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See integrated circuit (IC)
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chipless RFID tag A chipless RFID tag (also known as RF fibers) does not use an integrated circuit to store information The tag uses fibers or materials that reflect a portion of the reader s signal back; the unique return signal can be used as an identifier The fibers are shaped as thin threads, fine wires, or labels or laminates Chipless RFID tags can be used in environments that differ from those with RFID tags with electronic circuitry They tend to work over a wider temperature range, and they are less sensitive to RF interference Chipless tags are sometimes used in anti-counterfeiting with documents However, since the tags cannot transmit a unique serial number, they are less usable in the supply chain circularly-polarized antenna An antenna whose plane of polarization rotates in a circle, making one revolution during the time it takes the radio wave to travel the distance of one wavelength If the rotation is clockwise, looking in the direction of propagation of wave, the sense is called right-hand-circular (RHC) If the rotation is counterclockwise, the sense is called left-hand-circular (LHC) These antennas are used when the orientation of the tag to the reader cannot be controlled They provide shorter read range than the linearly polarized antenna because only half the radio energy is transmitted in any one plane at a time closed-loop systems RFID control systems in which the tracked objects never leave the company or organization; the objects either stay within one organization or circulate among a small known group of organizations All the data related to the object is usually stored in one place, so the complete history of the object is readily available The usual concerns about RFID standards do not apply, since the tracked object does not leave the system This type of system is somewhat easier to implement because of the controlled set of variables Although closed-loop systems may be implemented without concerns for RFID standards, it is a good practice to follow prevailing industry standards in system design collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment A general term used to describe cooperation between manufacturers and retailers to match supply of goods with demand for them commissioning a tag The process of writing data to the tag for the first time The data may include only an identifying number or a number and other information and may be written to a tag during tag manufacturing or when the tag is attached to the object In most RFID systems, this data is associated with information about the object stored in the database
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compatibility Two systems are considered compatible if they are equal in interface specifications, such as protocols, frequencies, and voltage levels, and are thus able to operate together (See interoperability) concentrator A device connected to several RFID readers that gathers data from the readers It performs some filtering and then passes on only useful information from the readers to a host computer contactless credit card Unlike an ordinary credit card, a contactless credit card uses RFID technology to store information about an account and to transfer it to the merchant Standard credit cards carry data on a magnetic strip; when the card is swiped against a reader, the data is transferred The primary advantage of contactless cards lies in the speed of the transaction coupling See inductive coupling
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cyclic redundancy check (CRC) A method of checking data stored on an RFID tag to be sure that it hasn t been corrupted or lost (See checksum) data carrier A medium that is capable of holding data, such as RFID tags, barcodes, and magnetic strips data field The smallest subdivision of RFID integrated circuit memory that is used to store a particular type of information, such as a product number or an access password data field protection The ability of an RFID integrated circuit to prevent data stored in a data field from being overwritten data transfer rate The number of bits or bytes of data that can be transferred between an RFID tag and a reader per unit of time dB dBm See decibel Unit of power specified in decibel relative to 1 milliwatt An RFID tag that cannot be read by an RFID reader due to a fault in
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