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Geolocation Best Practices
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Here are a few best practices when handling geolocation services Not only do they increase the confidence of your users, but they prevent future loss of reputation, revenue, and other hassles that might befall you, the service provider: Use the least precise measurement necessary If your application merely needs to know the city in which the user is currently located, only request this degree of accuracy from the location API Where coarse permissions are available, use these Discard data after use Unless data is explicitly needed over an extended period of time, this data should be discarded This means that either logging subsystems should not receive the data in the first place or they should be immediately expunged Some companies take the approach of overwriting past positional data immediately when an update is received (wwwefforg/deeplinks/2009/03/exclusive-google-takes-stand-locationprivacy-alon)
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Mobile Application Security
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Keep data anonymous If data does need to be retained, ensure that it cannot be associated with other personal data This includes ensuring that cookies are not used for tracking mechanisms and that requests for location data go over secure channels Indicate when tracking is enabled Users should be visually notified that their whereabouts are being recorded Systems such as the iPhone and Android have dialogs to inform users about this explicitly, either on use or on install On platforms that don t have this capability, be sure to notify the user yourself Use an opt-in model All software using geolocation data should have this functionality disabled until explicit confirmation from the user Provide an interface to disable this at any time Wherever possible, give the user the ability to specify their location manually, as with a ZIP code Have a privacy policy Be able to provide guarantees to your users about how you use their positional data, and what you ll do with it if it s requested in a civil or criminal case It s important to have this ready before a request like this arrives Do not share geolocation data with other users or services Allowing users to access other users positional data is very risky territory Avoid this technique if at all possible Familiarize yourself with local laws Different countries and states have different restrictions and requirements involving tracking information Ensure that you re aware of the ones that apply to your target regions
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Enterprise Security on the Mobile OS
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Mobile Application Security
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nterprise security on mobile operating systems and its installed applications is imperative Historically, many users have migrated to mobile devices for a variety of reasons, including corporate users, users with limited to no access to a computer, and users wanting to connect to others for social purposes Although all three classes are equally important, the one major class of users where security is imperative is the enterprise user For example, whereas Shalin and Sonia, two college students who use their mobile phone to update their Facebook pages every 30 minutes, might not care so much about security features, Jai and Raina, two corporate executives discussing merger and acquisition (M&A) details, will care tremendously (and probably assume it is already built in) As the mobile device migrates from personal use to use in corporations, the data it holds will be considered sensitive, confidential, or top secret (especially if you are President Obama; see wwwcbcca/technology/story/ 2009/01/23/obama-blackberryhtml ref=rss) As this migration occurs, security options, features, and applications will need to follow along as well A good example of the mixing of the two worlds is Apple s iPhone Not only does every corporate executive have one, so does every 22-year coming out of college The security requirements for the two types of users are quite different the compromise of a Facebook address book versus the loss of an M&A spreadsheet mean very different things This chapter discusses the enterprise security features, support, and applications available on four major mobile platforms BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, iPhone OS, and Google Android It should be noted that this chapter is simply a quick summary of the in-depth security features discussed in s 2 5 Here are the key categories that will be discussed: Device security options Secure local storage Security policy enforcement Encryption Application sandboxing, signing, and permissions Buffer overflow protection Summary of security features
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