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Remote Connectivity
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In addition to speed, ISDN supports multiple devices set up in one link In an analog system, a single line is required for each device that is attached For example, a separate phone line is needed for a normal phone, a fax machine, or a computer modem Since ISDN supports multiple devices, you can use each one of these items on a single line The connection will also be clearer because the data is being passed in digital format Because ISDN uses a separate channel the D channel for signaling information it removes the administrative overhead from the B channel so that it can focus on carrying just the data signals This means that the data is not hindered by the session setups and signaling information that maintains the session that is required by the devices for communication The D channel keeps all this information off the data streams Because of this separation, the setup and takedown of each session is much faster In addition, ISDN equipment is able to handle calls more ef ciently
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Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
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Almost everyone in the world has used a telephone at least once Today, you can call anywhere in the world and get a direct connection almost instantly using this technology The public switched telephone network (PSTN) was originally designed as an analog switching system for routing voice calls Because it has existed for several decades and has been used by so many, it has come to be known as plain old telephone service (POTS) Because PSTN is considered the rst wide area network, it was the basis for many of the WAN technologies that exist today and has been instrumental in their evolution
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A History of PSTN During the initial years of PSTN, digital technologies had not even been considered The telephone network was based purely on analog signals traveling across copper wire to transport a human voice The only repetitions of the signal that might have occurred were through one or two repeater devices The term via net loss (VNL) was coined to calculate the signal degradation that occurred This degradation was measured in decibels (dB) The only metering equipment needed to test connections consisted of test tones, decibel meters, and volume unit (VU) meters VU meters were used to measure complex signals such as the human voice These meters simply measure the loss or gain of a speci c circuit Prior to the 1960s, PSTN lines could handle nothing more than what they were originally designed for voice communication Since then, many great technology
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Remote Connectivity Concepts
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leaps have helped the network progress The beginning of this era was marked by the advent of the Bell T1 transmission system As T1s became more frequently used in the telephone network, bandwidth and quality increased This advent also began the true migration from using human operators to route calls to switching these functions electronically In the 1970s and 1980s, the phone companies began to invest more resources in improving the quality of the PSTN backbone This backbone, also known as the digital access cross-connect system (DACCS), was a combination of all the T1 and T3 lines Although many problems were associated with DACCS at that time, it provided a technology upgrade to help improve services all the way around Soon companies started looking at PSTN lines as an alternative to the dedicated pointto-point links they were using As the industry started to move in the direction of PSTN lines, manufacturers began to market modems for this purpose As modems became more commonplace, the manufacturers began mass-marketing them for everyday users Today, using a modem to dial in to a remote computer network is quickly becoming as common as having a telephone in your home More and more people are going online, which has played a large part in the popularity of the Internet Companies use PSTN lines today to enable remote users to dial in to private networks as well as to back up data links for computer systems that require remote connectivity
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How PSTN Works The POTS network originally began with human operators sitting at a switch, manually routing calls The original concept of the Bell Telephone system was a series of PSTN trunks connecting the major US cities This was an analog-based system that met its requirements for human voice transmissions at the time Since the inception of the telephone, the world has changed PSTN systems still use analog from the end node to the rst switch Once the signal is received, the switch converts the signal to a digital format and then routes the call on Once the call is received on the other end, the last switch in the loop converts the signal back to analog, and the call is initiated Because the end node is still analog, modems are used in most homes to facilitate dial-up access Faster technologies such as ISDN or T1s use a dedicated point-to-point link through a completely digital path, making higher bandwidths attainable Currently, analog lines Remember that the can reach only a maximum speed of 56 Kbps maximum available speed with an analog Using digital lines, speeds in excess of 2Gbps modem is 56 Kbps (gigabits per second) can be reached
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