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Digital rights management technologies can be perceived as personal invasions to those who are confronted by them as users These technologies treat all users equally as potential criminals This shows a lack of respect, especially when the actual criminals are completely unfazed by the low hurdles in their path Instead of protecting consumers, the DRM distributors end up abusing them One might even hazard that the abuse is intentional A carefully constructed digital rights management system can be an effective marketing tool by harvesting personal information and preferences Although many companies might see this as a big win, it can backfire Would-be customers who don t want to give up personal information might be encouraged to get a no-hassle version from an unauthorized source Nothing encourages the supply of black market goods like a strong demand
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It can be easily argued that the cost of implementing a digital rights management strategy actually far outweighs the potential benefit On one side are the costs of developing the technology, identifying misuse, litigating and bringing damages, and losing revenue from customers opposed to the oppression On the other hand, you have the nebulous revenue that could have been earned from lost customers, such as the billions in Asia who would have to choose, at retail prices, between hearing the latest boy band and getting to eat for a month What about major pirates Those who copy and resell bootlegs Like digital rights management is going to stop that! Let s see the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) go into a major pirating city and arrest every other person they see It will still have no effect, because even the rabid street dogs have figured out how to burn copies of CDs for profit
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84 Network Security Illustrated
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Cryptography: A critical component to all DRM technologies is the capability to protect the content from unauthorized access via encryption Accessing Information: DRM tools need to be integrated at the network level, and access to information containing intellectual property needs to be strictly limited Storing Information: A storage method and the storage location are both critical factors that affect DRM
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Best Practices
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Many different technologies are used to provide security for digital rights management solutions Copy protection, encryption, and hardware controls limit access to media Identification technologies combined with network authentication, for example, compare a user s The Privatization of DRM personal information to a database of authorized license holders E-comA small number of organizations supply merce systems enable users to the majority of the technology used to access extra content features or adcreate and distribute digital data ditional usage for a payment Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, IBM, HP/ Compaq, Sony, and Adobe primarily With such a broad base of techcontrol the technology Disney, Viacom, nology integration, you might think Vivendi, News Corporation, and AOL/ the digital rights management inTime Warner control the content and dustry would be a vibrant world of distribution Also, a significant amount exciting opportunities You d be of overlap takes place For example, wrong In practice, the world of Microsoft publishes content and AOL DRM is defined by the various anhas a significant technology infrastructipiracy technologies used by of a ture handful of major publishers such as Sony, Adobe, and Microsoft DRM No single independent vendor could software and tools aren t distributed influence all these giants into using a by independent vendors; The common third-party solution This, of Privatization of DRM explains why course, has not prevented a number of this has happened companies from trying to create DRM solutions during the dot-com boom If you are producing content When they all eventually went out of that will be distributed digitally, business, the major media giants your DRM options are going to be snatched up their technologies at firelimited to what is commercially sale prices As a result, no significant available Best practices aren t reindependent DRM vendors are left ally an option here, only the current practices The following are some
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Part III Reserving Rights 85 of the most widely available DRM systems Chances are you ll be choosing from one of these 6 The Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) is the most widespread form of Reserving Rights: digital rights management technology currently available The initiative was spearDigital headed by the RIAA It uses a combination of hardware and software to limit how Rights digital data can be exchanged between compliant devices The resulting technolo- Management gies have already become an integral part of many consumer audio, video, and computing devices Sony has an SDMI-compliant technology called MagicGate/OpenMG It s built into all Sony devices that record or play multimedia, such as camcorders, minidisc recorders/players, MP players, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and PCs Sony devices can exchange data, when authorized, using their SDMI-compliant MemoryStick Panasonic has a similar technology called Secure Digital, which is built into devices from competing manufacturers Of course, even this can be circumvented Another major digital rights management initiative is controlled by the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG), which defines standards for digital audio and video The MPEG-1 standard is used by CDs and MP3s, and the MPEG-2 is used in digital television and DVDs MPEG-21 will be the first multimedia standard that incorporates a complete digital rights management framework This standard will be finalized in 2009 Many major media organizations, such as the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), are working with the MPEG group on this standard, but the MPEG-21 standard doesn t address text or Web rights management Microsoft has a number of different digital rights management initiatives that may ultimately converge Their first foray started with tools for controlling audio and video Their proprietary Windows media format was designed to include optional copy protection This was trivial for hackers to circumvent and therefore never achieved popularity Their second initiative was NET, which brings protection to the next level by providing a centralized authorization and license control system (Passport) This also has a number of drawbacks, especially for content distributors who don t want to have Microsoft involved in every transaction Intel, IBM, Compaq/HP, and Microsoft have joined together as the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA) Their purpose is to ensure that the majority of consumer hardware and software supports their planned secure computing infrastructure This polygamous affair has spawned a love child named Palladium It s a secure operating system that relies on special security hardware The goal is to give future users a choice of having a secure environment that is completely controlled by the TCPA or to have an insecure computer running their choice of DOS, Windows 31, or Linux To call this initiative controversial would be like calling Boston Red Sox fans patient If your goal is to secure documents that will be distributed over the Internet, you ll probably want to look into Adobe s digital rights management initiative for PDF documents and e-books The currently available solutions are far from perfect or ideal, but they re a start Companies that need more flexibility and control often implement their own digital
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86 Network Security Illustrated rights management systems This can be time consuming but can also result in a highly effective system that properly integrates with the organization s business processes
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