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CHAPTER 18 Building a Home Network
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up to its promise of reliable speeds of 128 to 240 Mbps, the decision between Ethernet and home phoneline networking will be made more complex The typical home is peppered with RJ-11 jacks and already has the wiring structure for an HPNAbased home network The HomePlug technology uses the AC power lines throughout the house as the transmission media in the network HomePlug has a rated line capacity of 14 Mbps Power outlets are everywhere in the typical house in every room, the garage, and, often, at points outside the house so the wiring structure for a HomePlug network already is intact
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Wireless Networking Technologies
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Not too long ago, wireless was too slow and way too expensive for home networks Not anymore Wireless is emerging as a viable, if not the preferred, networking technology for all or a part of home networks Wireless options let you position your desktop PCs in any room and give you the added flexibility of being able to take your notebooks anywhere in and around the house to poolside, the deck, in bed, or anywhere within the range of the wireless link (see Table 18-1) The most popular connectivity standards used for short-range wireless networking are the IEEE 80211 communications standards The IEEE 80211b standard (Wireless-B) permits wireless transmission at 11 Mbps up to about 300 feet from an access point (up to 1300 feet outdoors) The IEEE 80211a standard (Wireless-A) permits a transmission rate of 54 Mbps, but because the effective range can be less than 25 feet in a house, this standard is not a player in home networking The IEEE 80211g standard (Wireless-G) offers Wireless-A speeds with Wireless-B distances The speeds and effective ranges of wireless alternatives are summarized in Table 18-1 The actual range of wireless transmission may vary markedly, depending on the quality of the wireless hardware and whether or not the point-to-point transmission is impeded with obstructions The wood and wallboard construction in the typical home has relatively little impact on wireless transmission speeds Water and metal, however, cause problems for wireless transmission
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Connectivity: The Hardware
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In the business world, professional network administrators use a variety of communications devices, including routers, bridge routers (brouters), switches, hubs, concentrators, bridges, access points, network adapters, and other communications devices, to link PCs in local area networks The LAN in the home, however, is on a smaller scale and is not nearly so complex Home networking is vastly simplified because the good people who sell communications equipment have wrapped much of
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Personal Computing Demystified
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the necessary LAN functionality into a single unit called a residential gateway or home gateway Home networks are created by connecting the network adapters in the PCs via some type of data transmission medium, either wired or wireless There are two viable ways to do this and enjoy shared Internet access One approach is to designate one of the PCs as the host PC In this network design, the host becomes the central point in the home network and handles the communications duties between the networked PCs and the Internet For a number of reasons, one of which is that the host PC must be on and running to enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), I would highly recommend that you consider the second approach, which uses a multifunctional residential gateway There is no comparison when it comes to convenience and overall network functionality Using a residential gateway wins easily over the computer as gateway solution For example, the residential gateway s firewall offers a greater degree of protection because the gateway has no files or folders and, therefore, can t be hacked to manipulate network PCs In the late 1990s, I chose and installed a host-based home network that used ICS At that time, the necessary communications gear cost $1000 or more Today, I can purchase the convenience and flexibility of a residential gateway for under $100 In my opinion, this relatively small investment for a residential gateway has one of the best, if not the best, paybacks in personal computing The advantage of not having to buy a residential gateway for a host-PC network is more than offset by the overwhelming advantages of building a network around a relatively inexpensive residential gateway Moreover, it s likely that your DSL or cable broadband ISP is promoting the use of residential gateways for delivering Internet access to home networks Indeed, the argument for residential gateways is so compelling that this approach is assumed throughout the remainder of the chapter Those who currently have host-PC networks will likely switch to home gateways
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