how to generate and scan barcode in asp net using c# Importance of Quality in Software

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Importance of Quality
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How important is quality Most people would say it is extremely important In fact, the word is often used in advertising slogans Here are some examples of classic slogans that begin with quality :
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Quality at your feet (Brown Shoe) Quality first from America s first pen maker (Esterbrook Pen) The quality goes in before the name goes on (Zenith) The quality name in refrigeration and air conditioning (York) Quality runs deep (Rustoleum) Quality toys with a purpose (Tinkertoy) Quality you can trust (Crown Central Petroleum)[1]
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8: Project Quality Management
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Sometimes talk is cheap The main question is, does the company really know what we as customers want when it comes to quality Do they know what is broken and what to do to fix it
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What Is Broken and How Do We Fix It
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Throughout the years, many of us woke up to the following news:
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Ford recalled 10,000 1999 Cougars because of a door problem, and 3,800 Mercury Villager minivans because of a problem with fuel tank retention straps Ford s Volvo division announced a recall of more than 122,600 1998 models for a glitch with passenger-side airbags and an additional 114,850 1998 and 1997 cars for a faulty headlight switch DaimlerChrysler recalled 227,283 1991 94 Shadows and Sundances because of a risk that the driver s seat could suddenly break General Motors recalled 6,584 1999 Chevy Cavaliers and Pontiac Sunfires because of the possibility of an instrument panel light malfunction More than 11,000 1999 Land Rover Discovery sport utility vehicle (SUV) owners were having problems with the Antilock Brake System (ABS) alarm[2]
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One recall in particular was the gas tank on the Ford Pinto (1971 1980) The following is from CNNMoneycom: The issue wasn t just the car itself, however, but the alleged decision-making process within Ford Motor Co The company was willing, it seemed, to let a certain number of people die rather than spend a few dollars per car to make the repairs In retrospect, it turns out that about as many people died in fiery crashes in Pintos as in other popular cars of that time, although crash tests indicated the gas tank problem was genuine [3] In response to these quality problems, Ford renewed their focus on quality in the 1980s You probably remember their slogan Quality Is Job 1 Ford recently dropped this slogan after 17 years because of the perception that in today s marketplace, high quality is a given and is no longer an important marketing variable Quality is expected, it is not an option As always, other influencing factors are at work when it comes to ensuring quality Could it be that even though quality is important (a given), the real focus on cost overrides quality In the interest of being competitive, companies seem to be more concerned with the cost of quality than they are with providing quality in their products or services
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PMP Certification: A Beginner s Guide
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No one goes to work in the morning wanting to do a bad job However, how many people do you know who go to work each day and just do enough to get by It seems people just want a job and are not as interested in a career like in the old days I have seen entire departments of people who jumped ship from one company to another for a few bucks more per hour or for a signing bonus It seems the loyalty of the workforce has diminished the last few years Most unhappy employees feel it is the shift of work to other countries or companies that outsource work to the lowest bidder that has caused this drop in employee loyalty With the shift of work or work reduction, there tends to be an increased level of uncertainty among the employees Uncertainty causes distractions on the job and will affect the quality of work being performed This can be seen in many industries, even in professional sports, where athletes are traded from one team to another, causing a drop or change in performance If you don t know where you will be working (or playing in the case of an athlete) next month, or next year, it is much harder to establish a sound attitude toward quality People want to do a good job; however, the priorities seem to have shifted, and doing quality work is not as high of a priority in today s workforce (in many cases) The following is from an article titled Quality Is Job by Gary S Vasilash: There are no easy answers to any of this [situations described previously] If there were, then there wouldn t be the problems But at an individual level we should all understand that getting by isn t getting ahead, and that quality still counts, even if those doing the numbers may have forgotten [4] Even in Japan, where the job for life concept went out the window several years ago, the quality of work is still there Quality is an attitude
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