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Generating UPC-A in Software 6: Project Time Management

6: Project Time Management
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To effectively manage time on a project, it is recommended that you use a time management (TM) system A TM system is a designed combination of processes, tools, and techniques that allow the project manager and team to identify, analyze, sequence, and estimate the duration for all project activities One of the important components is a network diagram A network diagram can be created in a number of ways, as we will discuss later in this chapter The important thing to remember is that the tool, type, and format you choose should make sense to you and the team and must help you with managing the schedule Too often we try to fit the process to the tool The tool you use must work for you, not against you
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Time Management System
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A TM system usually includes a resource calendar, resource assignment matrix (RAM), and a network diagram to help identify the overall duration and critical path activities of the project (all of these components are discussed in detail throughout this chapter) Time management as a knowledge area involves a significant number of concepts, tools and techniques, and methods that challenge even the more experienced PMs This chapter is designed with both the beginner and the experienced PM in mind and will address real-world project management and tips to help if you are planning to pursue PMP certification
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For readers not planning to pursue PMI s PMP or PMI-SP (Scheduling Professional) exam in the near future, I recommend you scan this chapter as a high-level overview and not for detailed comprehension You can always come back to this chapter later when you are ready to prepare for PM certification The good news is, many of the calculations for time management are performed by today s high-tech PM software tools; however, it is still important to learn the concepts
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A couple of things to remember in time management: First, it is a team sport Second, five of the six time-management processes are planning processes (Remember that PMI is big on planning 20 of the 42 processes in the PMBOK are in the Planning process group)
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Managing the Schedule
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To give you an idea of the potential size and breadth of schedule management, consider that PMI has a separate independent credential (with its own exam) called Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP) that focuses on developing and maintaining project schedules
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PMP Certification: A Beginner s Guide
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Even though there is a separate PMI credential for schedule management, don t be confused between time management and schedule management The two go hand in hand you can t have one without the other They are synonymous in the eyes of PMI This chapter is about more than how to manage time on your project It is all about how to manage the project schedule to bring your project in on time What is the difference, you might ask Most people think of time management as how to get better organized so they have more time in their day to do other things how to focus on the A-list of to-dos and not get distracted by the small stuff that tends to eat up every spare moment I submit to you that time management is about learning how to better manage the schedule of events and activities on your project Managing the schedule involves getting focused on the importance of supply-and-demand concepts It is about making sure we have everything we need resources, people, tools, materials to get the job rolling and keep it rolling to bring the project in on time
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Project Time Management Processes
You have probably heard the saying time is money This saying is especially true when you are managing a project Project time management is the area that is least understood by many project managers and most often missed (underestimated) when it comes time to manage the schedule Time management, as a key knowledge area, includes six processes that center around effectively managing the project s work packages and activities (the actual work of the project) The ultimate goal is to bring the project to successful completion on time according to the approved delivery date One thing that makes time management difficult is that time is constantly moving, and like the many dynamics we face on our projects, the milestones and target dates can be moving targets Here are the six processes of the Project Time Management knowledge area:
61: Define activities (Planning process group) This involves identifying specific activities needed to produce the approved project deliverables 62: Sequence activities (Planning process group) This involves identifying and documenting relationships (for example, predecessor and successor) between the project activities 63: Estimate activity resources (Planning process group) This involves estimating the type and quantities of material, people, equipment, or supplies needed to perform each activity
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