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Microsoft NET Framework
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You start the NET Framework SDK package by double-clicking the setupexe file Similar to the redistributable package, the Framework SDK package is a compressed file that is automatically extracted into a temporary directory for installation After the usual introduction and license windows, the Framework SDK installation options are displayed, shown in Figure 13-2 The Framework SDK installation package contains three options: QuickStart Samples Installs lots of Visual Basic NET and C# program examples to help you learn and understand NET programming Tools and Debugger Installs the compilers, library files, and debugging tools necessary for developing NET programs Product Documentation Installs HTML documentation for each of the NET namespaces, as well as general information about the NET platform Select the options you want to install, then click Next The next window asks for the location to install the Framework SDK All of the library and executable files are stored in default directories on the system You can, however, change the location where the product documentation and sample programs are stored After you select the installation location, the installation starts The Framework SDK installation takes a long time to install, even on super-fast systems When the installation
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Figure 13-2 The NET Framework SDK installation options
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PostgreSQL 8 for Windows
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Figure 13-3 Running the csc compiler from a command prompt
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is finished, you have a complete NET development environment on your system To test this, choose Start | Microsoft NET Framework v20 | SDK Command Prompt A command prompt window opens, using the default location of the Framework directory At the command prompt, run the C# compiler program (csc) with no options, as shown in Figure 13-3 The compiler header is shown, along with an error that no source code file was specified to compile In the header, you can see the NET Framework version that is loaded (in this example, version 2050727) If you get this result, you are ready to start creating NET applications
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Now that you have a full NET development environment, it is time to install the PostgreSQL NET library The Npgsql project provides a complete NET data provider to allow NET programs to access a PostgreSQL server running either on the local system or elsewhere on the network The Npgsql project is not part of PostgreSQL, but is fully supported by PostgreSQL At the time of this writing, the Npgsql project provides NET libraries for three different platforms: The Linux Mono project Microsoft NET version 11 Microsoft NET version 20
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Microsoft NET Framework
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The Linux Mono project provides a development environment for creating and running NET applications on Linux systems This is the first attempt at cross-platform development using the NET technology While not 100 percent compatible with the Microsoft NET environment, great strides have been made in Mono to make most NET applications work seamlessly on a Linux system Npgsql supports two different Microsoft NET platforms The original NET version 10 platform has been officially deprecated by Microsoft, and is not recommended for new development work Customers who are using the NET version 10 platform are recommended to upgrade to version 11 Recently, Microsoft has released the updated NET version 20 platform This platform contains a new CLR environment that supports many new features It is recommended for all new NET development to utilize this platform
Downloading Npgsql
The Npgsql library download can be found from the PostgreSQL main web site (www postgresqlorg) From the main web page, click the Downloads link On the Downloads page, click the FTP Browser link to go to the list of available downloads On the FTP Browser page, click the projects folder link, then click the pgFoundry folder link This is the repository for projects that are not officially part of the PostgreSQL package, but are obviously related to PostgreSQL In the pgFoundry area, click the npgsql folder link The npgsql folder contains all of the available Npgsql library formats currently supported The filename for each package includes the npgsql version along with the package format The Npgsql library can be download both as a source code package that must be compiled and as a binary distribution that is precompiled to run on a specific platform Source code packages are identified by the filename tag src Binary distribution packages use the filename tag bin, along with the platform they are compiled for For the Microsoft NET platform, it is by far the easiest to download the binary distribution package Look for the latest version available, and download the binary distribution for the NET platform you have installed For example, to download the binary Npgsql library for the NET version 20 platform, get the following file:
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