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PostgreSQL 8 for Windows
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conninfo = "hostaddr = 127001 dbname = test user = earl password = auction"; conn = PQconnectdb(conninfo); if (PQstatus(conn) != CONNECTION_OK) { printf("Unable to establish connection: %s", PQerrorMessage(conn)); return 1; } else { query = "SELECT * from auctionitem where bidderkey = $1"; while(1) { totalbid = 0; printf("\nEnter bidder: "); scanf_s("%3s", &bidder, 4); if (!strcmp(bidder,"0")) return 0; paramValues[0] = (char *)bidder; result = PQexecParams(conn, query, 1, NULL, paramValues, NULL, NULL, 0); if (PQresultStatus(result) != PGRES_TUPLES_OK) { printf("Problem: %s", PQerrorMessage(conn)); PQclear(result); PQfinish(conn); return 1; } else { printf("Item Won Description Final Bid\n"); printf("---------------------------------------\n"); for (i = 0; i < PQntuples(result); i++) { item = PQgetvalue(result, i, 0); desc = PQgetvalue(result, i, 1); strbid = PQgetvalue(result, i, 4); bid = atof(strbid); totalbid += bid; printf("%s %s $%2lf\n", item, desc, bid); } printf("----------------------------------------\n"); printf("Total bids: $%2lf\n", totalbid); PQclear(result); } } } PQfinish(conn); return 0; }
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The paramValues pointer is declared as an array Since there is only one parameter used in the SQL command, there needs to be only one value in the array The string
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Visual C++
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used for the query is declared, using a parameter variable $1 for the data element in the WHERE clause Next, an endless While loop is used to continually loop through values until a stopping value is entered by the user The C scanf_s function is used to allow the user to enter a bidder value to look up in the database The scanf_s function is buffer-overflow safe, to prevent the user from trying any buffer-overflow exploits with the character buffer bidder After the desired variable value is entered, it is assigned to the paramValues array, and the PQexecParams() function is declared Since the input value is in text mode, the paramLengths and paramFormats values can be set to NULL Also, the resultFormat value is set to 0, indicating that we want the output result set data in text mode as well After the PQexecParams() function is executed, the data in the result set is extracted within the for loop Since the output data format is set to text, the finabid value must be converted to floating point using the C atof() function After compiling the program, you can run it to see the winning bids for a specific bidder A value of 0 should be entered to stop the program:
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C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\82\bin>bidderresult Enter bidder: 100 Item Won Description Final Bid --------------------------------------TR001 Trip to Tahiti $340000 RR003 Gift certificate $1000 --------------------------------------Total bids: $341000 Enter bidder: 101 Item Won Description Final Bid --------------------------------------CC023 Creative Basket $1500 --------------------------------------Total bids: $1500 Enter bidder: 102 Item Won Description Final Bid --------------------------------------SC001 Autographed baseball $12000 --------------------------------------Total bids: $12000 Enter bidder: 0 C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\82\bin>
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PostgreSQL 8 for Windows
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The libpq library provides functions for C and C++ programs to access a PostgreSQL server The most popular C++ development environment in the Windows world is Microsoft Visual C++ This development environment can be created using either the Visual Studio software suite or the free Visual C++ Express Edition To create Windows applications in Visual C++ Express Edition, you must also download and install the Microsoft Platform SDK package The libpq package can be installed from the standard PostgreSQL installation program The libpq package includes the library files, C header files, and DLL run-time files necessary for C and C++ applications After installing these components, they must be configured in the Visual Studio or Visual C++ Express Edition development environment The libpq library contains functions to connect to a PostgreSQL server, send SQL commands, and retrieve the result set of the commands Once the result set is retrieved, you can extract individual column data elements The last chapter in this book addresses yet another popular Windows development environment The Java programming language has taken the world by storm Many programmers program portable database applications using Java Just as with NET and Win32, PostgreSQL also includes a development package for Java programmers The next chapter demonstrates how to use a PostgreSQL server from a Java development environment
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