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Excel Services
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Excel Services technology was first available in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as a shared service that made it possible to work with Excel workbooks using only a browser In SharePoint 2010, its capabilities have been improved with richer pivoting and slicing, and much better visualization Previously, an Excel workbook could not be loaded if it contained a feature that was unsupported by Excel Services, such as a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro Now only the unsupported feature (like the macro) will be ignored, and the workbook will load
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PowerShell for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administrators
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One of the biggest efforts in improving SharePoint 2010 over its predecessors has been made in the area that Microsoft calls Composites Composites is all about making it easy for business users to rapidly create SharePoint solutions tailored for a specific need or requirement This is achieved by empowering them with a wide range of tools and building blocks, while at the same time giving the IT staff maximum control and the ability to isolate solutions to maintain stability in the environment
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Line-of-Business Data Connections
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With the new Business Connectivity Services, previously known as Business Data Catalog (BDC), SharePoint 2010 offers an easier way to connect to line-of-business applications You are now able to search, read, edit, create, and delete line-of-business data from within SharePoint, instead of having read-only access to the data, as was the case with BDC Connections can now be made from SharePoint Designer 2010 without any coding This is a huge step forward when it comes to offering nontechnical information workers the ability to rapidly build customized SharePoint solutions in response to emerging business requirements
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SharePoint Designer 2010
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SharePoint Designer 2010 has received more than just a facelift that enriches the user experience with features such as the Office Ribbon It also offers better tools for managing site content, creating workflows, and connecting to external data SharePoint Designer has been a good tool for customizing SharePoint sites, but it was difficult for IT personnel to control modifications that could sometimes lead to serious performance implications With SharePoint 2010, the IT staff is able to control the use of SharePoint Designer 2010 by locking out specific capabilities or restricting use to only specific sites within a SharePoint 2010 environment
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Sandboxed Solutions
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Even though SharePoint 2010 offers a rich set of tools to create custom SharePoint solutions without needing to write any code, some coding may be required in order to meet specific business needs However, if custom code is poorly written, it can be a threat to the overall performance and stability of your SharePoint environment To address this issue, SharePoint 2010 introduces a new feature called sandboxed solutions Sandboxed solutions allow site collection administrators to deploy custom elements such as Web parts or event receivers within the context of their respective site collections Such isolated solutions run with partial trust and do not have full access to the SharePoint object model IT staff can limit the amount of resources that these solutions are allowed to consume in terms of CPU time, memory, and number of database queries SharePoint disables the solution once the quota value has been reached, and prevents it from running again until action is taken
Overview of SharePoint 2010
Improvements for Administrators in SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2010 s advantages of flexibility and scalability also make it very comprehensive, and therefore complex to manage To provide information workers with a stable platform, a lot of pressure is put on the infrastructure side of things, which is where we believe most of you work (as we do) Fortunately, SharePoint 2010 does not only come with a lot of new exciting end-user features, but also includes many additions and enhancements for administrators Here, we will summarize the improvements in SharePoint 2010 from an IT professional s perspective
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