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site, named chap 17, has a low disk space warning. The application can easily support multiple conditions; for now let s keep things simple with a good condition and a bad condition. Good sites are shown in green and bad are shown in red on the home screen. Still referring to figure 17.6, note that the screen has support for maintaining three different fields, each implemented as an EditText control. The first EditText instance manages the name of the site. Space is limited on the widget, so it s best to keep the length of this name limited. Note that the widget can be expanded to take more space and therefore permit more descriptive names, and most users will be able to use a short descriptor such as a server name or a client s nickname. More importantly, you want to fit multiple instances of the SiteMonitor widget on the home screen, so they shouldn t take up any more space than Figure 17.6 Site details, absolutely necessary. including hot-linked text The next EditText field holds the URL that the application periodically pings to check the status of the site. When it s time to update the status of a particular hosted application, SiteMonitor performs an HTTP GET against this URL and expects a pipe-delimited return string. For example, a response from a commerce site might look like the following:
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GOOD|There are 10 orders today, totaling $1,000.00
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Or perhaps a site that s down might have a response that looks like this:
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BAD|Cannot reach payment processor. at 555-123-4567 Contact
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The third EditText field stores the site s home page. When the Visit Site button is clicked, the application opens a browser and navigates to this URL. Why is this feature included The answer is simple: the most common reaction to receiving a the site is down notification is to check out the site firsthand to see what kind of errors may be presenting themselves to site visitors. This approach is much easier than firing up the browser and tapping in a complete URL particularly under duress! Referring again to figure 17.6, note the highlighted phone number contained in the TextView field. Selecting that link causes the phone to launch the dialer as shown in figure 17.7. This TextView has the autoLink attribute enabled. When this attribute is enabled, the application is requesting that Android scan the textual information and attempt to turn any data that looks like a link into a clickable hotspot. Android can optionally look for websites, email addresses, phone numbers, and so forth. This feature is one more step in making things as streamlined as possible for a mobile user to support a hosted application.
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Introducing SiteMonitor
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Let s say the user is out to dinner and equipped only with an Android device when a site goes down or experiences an urgent condition. It may not be convenient or feasible to look up detailed support information about a particular hosted application, particularly if this site is one of many. When an error condition is observed, it s useful to have key actionable data right at your fingertips. This is akin to a break glass in case of emergency situation. An emergency has occurred, so let s be as prepared as possible. The application isn t limited to returning only bad news it s feasible to have the application monitor good news as well. For example, figure 17.8 shows that the Acme site has received over $1,000 worth of business today! Note the highlighted numbers: one of the side effects of the auto-linking is that it sometimes returns false positives. Figure 17.7 Easy dialing to an The SiteMonitor application is AppWidget-centric. affected user Although you can configure and examine various aspects of a specific site through the configuration Activity, there s no other means of interacting with the application. This application doesn t appear in the main launcher screen. As a natural consequence of relying solely on instances of an AppWidget for the UI, the number of sites monitored by SiteMonitor is limited by the amount of home-screen real estate available upon which SiteMonitor widget instances can be placed. Remember the motivation to keep an AppWidget design as conservative as possible with respect to screen real estate. It s impossible to have an AppWidget that takes up less than one of the 16 available spaces on a home screen page, but easy to have one that s larger than a 1 x 1 space. Please keep in mind that this choice of making SiteMonitor available exclusively as an AppWidget is an arbitrary design decision to demonstrate working with an Figure 17.8 Monitor the good AppWidget. A simple extension of this application could news also revenue! remove this intentional limitation. To add this application to the home screen, you could add an Activity that presents each of the monitored sites and then add the Activity to the home screen launcher. Now that you have a basic understanding of what SiteMonitor is attempting to do, it s time to look at how the application is constructed.
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