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It can be seen from Figure 15 that Taniguchi has [2] classified machining accuracy into four categories, namely, 1 Normal machining 2 Precision machining 3 High-precision machining, and 4 Ultra-precision machining The necessary tolerances for manufacturing mechanical, electrical and optical products by any of the four machining processes are listed in Table 11 The techniques for attaining the machining accuracies for the products indicated in Table 11 are shown in Table 12 [5] These include the elements of machine tools, elements of measuring equipments, tools and materials, machining mechanism, surface analysis and tool and workpiece positioning control Today, the economic growth of industrialized nations is based, to a large extent, on industries that manufacture these products A large number of the parts listed in the table are not only made in Malaysia, where this book was written, but also most of these parts are manufactured in the Pacific Rim countries at a very attractive price, bringing enormous wealth and expertise into those countries For example, some of these products contribute to the largest sector of Malaysia s GDP, namely, manufacturing which stands at 29% For this technological progress to continue, it is vital to realize the importance of precision engineering by way of education and research The machining of a few of the products listed in Table 11, using suitable machine tools, are highlighted and dealt with in the foregoing sections
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In this class of machining, the conventional engine lathe and milling machines are the most appropriate machine tools that can be used to manufacture products such as gears and screw threads to an accuracy of, for example, 50 m
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Table 11
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Taniguchi s table for various products [2] categorized by the authors (Venkatesh and Izman) into achievable ISO tolerance bands with surface finish
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Tolerance band 200 m Mechanical Electronic Optical Surface finish, Ra m Shaping 125 16 Milling 63 08 Reaming 32 08 Turning 63 04 Drilling 63 08 Boring 63 04 Laser 63 08 ECM 32 02 Grinding 32 01 ELID 06 02 Honing 08 01 ISO IT Tolerance grade IT10 IT9 IT5 IT6 IT9 IT6
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Precision levels Normal machining
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Normal domestic appliances and automotive fittings, etc General purpose mechanical parts for typewriters, engines, etc
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General-purpose electrical parts, switches, motors and connectors Transistors, diodes, magnetic heads for tape recorders
Camera, telescope and binocular bodies
50 m
Camera shutters, lens holders for cameras and microscopes
Precision machining
5 m
Mechanical watch parts, machine tool bearings, gears, ball screws, rotary compressor parts Ball and roller bearings, precision drawn wire, hydraulic servo-valves, aerostatic bearings, ink-jet nozzles, aerodynamic gyro bearings
Electrical relays, Resistors, condensers, Silicon wafers, TV color masks Magnetic scales, CCD, quartz oscillators, magnetic memory bubbles, magnetron, IC line width, thin film pressure transducers, Thermal printer heads, Thin film head discs IC memories, electronic video discs, LSI
Lenses, prisms, optical fiber and connectors (multimode) Precision lenses, optical scales, IC exposure masks (photo X-ray), laser polygon mirrors, Xray mirrors, elastic deflection mirrors, monomode optical fiber and connectors Optical flats, precision Fresnel lenses, optical diffraction gratings Ultra-precision diffraction gratings
05 m
Precision Engineering
Ultraprecision machining
005 m
Gauge blocks, diamond indenter tip radius, and micro tome cutter edge radius Ultra-precision parts (plane, ball, roller, thread), Shape (3-D) preciseness
0005 m
VLSI, Super-lattice thin films
Super finishing 02 0025 Lapping 04 005
Table 12
Machining accuracies and techniques for making precision products [5]
Elements of machine tools
Elements of measuring equipment (length, roughness)
Pneumatic micrometers, dial indicators, micrometers, optical deflection scales
Tools and materials
Machining mechanism
Surface analysis (structure)
Tool and workpiece positioning control
Precision Engineering
10 m
Ball or roller (steel) guideways and bearings, precision flat bearings and guideways, precision screws
Cutting tools, high EDM, electrolytic (Status of speed steel (powder), machining, wire-cut, components) optical discharge cut-off super hard alloys microscopes (structures) hardness, chemical analysis, spectrum analysis (infrared)
(Sequence and
quantity control) AC servo motors, electric step motor, electro-hydraulic pulse motors, relay logic controllers, electromagnetic brakes DC servo motors (semi-enclosed, encoders), optimal control, transistors, logic controllers, servo locks
1 m
Dynamic hydrostatic bearings, electrostatic pneumatic bearings and guideways, ball or roller pre-load bearings or guideways
Differential transformers, inductosyn scales, photo electric moir scales, precision air micrometers, strain gauges, vidicons, CCDs Precision differential transformers, laser interferometers, electro-magnetic comparators, radiation counters
Abrasive grains, grinding wheel, alundum (WA, SA), carborundum (GC), diamond (artificial polycrystals), photoresist (N) Abrasive grains, CBN, high-meltingpoint metallic oxides (CeO, MgO, B, C) single-point diamond cutting tool (monocrystalline) photo-resist (P)
Precision EDM, electrolytic polishing, line cutting or grinding, photolithography (visible light), electron beam machining, laser machining Mirror surface cutting (grinding), vacuum deposition, precision lapping, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), photolithography (ultra-violet rays) single-point diamond cutting
Ultra-violet ray microscopes, radiation analysis, microanalysis, microvickers hardness tester, ultrasonic microscope Fluorescent light analysis
01 m
Precision pneumostatic pressure bearings and guideways, elastic spring guideways, hard metals (ruby) ball or roller bearings or guideways (preload, oily)
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