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Using Barcode maker for Software Control to generate, create QR Code JIS X 0510 image in Software applications. Platability Cu Adhesion. More frequently, designers are specifying that the material used to plug the hole be platable so the real estate can be reclaimed as in via-in-pad designs or in subcomposite structures. Such applications require a material that can be roughened, catalyzed, and plated with good copper adhesion. Image Definition. If the vias to be filled are in very close proximity to areas that must be solderable (e.g., surface-mount technology [SMT] pads) it may be desirable or, mandatory to utilize a plugging product that is photoimageable to ensure the ink does not encroach upon solderable surfaces. Other Properties. One property important for vias needed to conduct thermal energy is thermal conductivity. Products used to fill such vias are generally highly loaded with a material with good conductivity such as silver or copper. Some designers believe that boards that must operate at high temperatures should have plugging materials with low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and high glass transition temperature (Tg), but there is little data to substantiate benefits of such materials.
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Final properties are often characterized into physical, electrical, mechanical, and chemical properties. Most people who specify solder mask utilize the criteria in the IPC-SM-840 document when specifying desired mask performance. There are other industry and regional specifications but the IPC specification is recognized worldwide.
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Many boards still require legend and marking to identify part numbers and component locations, for company logos, date codes, and a multitude of other reasons. These can be etched into the copper or, more typically, added in a separate process after solder mask. For good legibility, materials are of a color that contrasts with the solder mask color.
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Types UV. These materials are not photoimageable, but are applied in the specific desired pattern through a patterned screen and then are cured with high-intensity UV light. Thermal. These materials are not photoimageable, but are applied in the specific pattern desired through a patterned screen and then are thermally cured, generally in a batch or conveyorized oven. Photoimageable. These inks are applied to large areas of panels or over complete panels, as with an LPI solder mask. They are tack dried, imaged, developed, and cured, often at the same time as the solder mask is cured. The advantages of these products are that they eliminate expensive screen making and achieve excellent resolution, even over the topography of circuits. Special inks have been formulated for LPI legend applications that have higher pigment loading. The advantage of these inks is that they can be coated much thinner while achieving good color contrast.This increases the productivity through the tack and developing processes and gives a more robust finished product since it is thinner and less likely to be chipped.
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Standard solder masks of contrasting color may be used but they will have to be coated thicker to achieve similar contrast. The higher sidewall thickness makes the legend more susceptible to chipping. Ink Jet. These are actually UV and/or thermal inks that are applied with an ink jet. A limited number of these machines are in production as of early 2007. Initial equipment cost is very high, as is the price of ink, and progress in productivity is expected in the future.
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Legend Specifications IPC. No approved IPC specification exists for legend inks. A committee is drafting a specification, IPC-4781, that should be issued in 2008. Military. The military has an obsolete specification that was written years ago around a two-part epoxy ink that most MIL applications still specify. Many of the criteria (such as shelf life, pot life, composition, etc.) in this specification are irrelevant to the final legend performance, but they are still enforced as long as the specification is used. More recently the specification for legend ink called out for many military applications is CID A-A-56032D, entitled Commercial Item Description Ink, Marking, Epoxy Base. Although military specifications call out epoxy-based marking inks, a number of fabricators have had other inks approved on a waiver basis for military applications. UL94. When areas of legend ink on the board are larger than a UL flame strip (1/2 5 in.), it is treated as if the legend is another coating that needs UL qualification. If all areas are smaller than the flame strip dimension, no separate UL qualification is needed.
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Legend Performance Legibility and Resolution. The legend must be readable to be useful. As circuitry becomes more dense, the feature sizes needed for legend become smaller also, causing processes to be reestablished to give the desired quality. Some fabricators have switched to a photoimageable (LPI) legend to give the desired resolution for the legend on high-density circuitry. Adhesion. The legend must be applied to a clean, dry surface and be properly cured to achieve optimum adhesion. This can be a challenge when legend is applied after HASL or other final finish that could leave a residue (such as HASL flux) on the surface. Legend adhesion must be evaluated in combination with the solder mask and its processing. Different legend materials have different adhesion to different solder masks. Final Finish Compatibility. Like solder mask, legend materials that are applied before the final finish must survive the final finish processes and chemistries. Not all legend materials will survive all finishes and these must be qualified together, the same as with solder mask.
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