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is further simpli ed by not using any of the other PORTA pins, but even if they were, the code to update RA0 based on the least signi cant bit of the counter (Reg) would be
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comf movwf movf andlw btfss iorlw movwf Reg, w PORTB PORTA, w 0x01E Reg, 0 1 PORTA
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; ; ; ; ;
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Write Most Signi cant 7 Bits of Reg Clear the LSB of PORTA Before setting if LSB of Reg requires it If LSB Set, then Output Reset for LED On LSB Reset, Set output
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which is not very dif cult to implement and does not require any thinking on how to pass register bits back and forth. This is what I mean when I say that optimization takes place during application design and not after the circuit is created and the code is being written. The problem with the interrupt handler is that I didn t bother putting in context register saves or restores. In the IntDeb application, where the button Flags values are polled without executing any other code, this is not a problem. However, if this button debounce code were to be used in another application that executed code while buttons could be pressed, this will result in some very dif cult to nd and debug problems. What I want to impress you with is the idea that when you create code that could be reused, try to make it as generic as possible. In this case, the context saves are not required, so I skipped the seven instructions or so and two le registers that are required for that function. The problem comes in if I want to use the code in another application, and when it fails intermittently, then the last place I will look is in the debugged code I took from another source.
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Serial I/O
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If you ve read through Chap. 19, you will very de nitely get the idea that I believe that the best method for interfacing to PIC microcontroller from a PC or workstation is serially using RS-232. This standard is available in a wide variety of devices and is quite simple to wire even though the electrical standard seems dif cult to connect to. In the following experiments I want to show you how the PIC microcontroller simply can be wired to a PC serially and interfaced using either built-in hardware or the I/O pins using bit banging serial algorithms. Lastly, I want to show how a three-wire RS-232 connection can be created that will allow a PC to poll a serial port to determine whether or not a PIC microcontroller is connected and operating.
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The BasicRS.asm application uses a three times clock poll of the incoming data and uses this polling to observe when the data is coming in and then synchs off of this. This
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is done by assuming that when the start bit is discovered, that by waiting one cycle (which is three times the data rate), polling now will take place in the middle of the bit (33 to 67 percent from the start of the bit). This method works very well and allows applications to run in the foreground and treat the data coming in and out like a USART that is built into the PIC microcontroller. The BasicRS.asm source code can be found in the code\BasicRS folder:
title BasicRS - Simple 3-Wire RS-232 Application ; ; This Application Implements a simple 3 Wire RS-232 Link ; to another Computer. An Interrupt Based Bit Banging ; Routine is used instead of a USART. ; ; ; Hardware Notes: ; PIC16F84 Running at 4 MHz ; _MCLR is Pulled Up ; RC7 - Serial Receive Pin ; RC6 - Serial Transmit Pin ; ; Myke Predko ; 99.12.31 ; LIST R=DEC INCLUDE ; Registers CBLOCK 0x020 Dlay:2 _w, _status TXCount, TXByte RXCount, RXByte ENDC #de ne TX PORTB, 4 #de ne RX PORTB, 3
PAGE __CONFIG _CP_OFF & _WDT_OFF & _XT_OSC & _PWRTE_ON ; Mainline of TrueRS org 0 nop variable TMRDlay, TMRReset, PreScaler, PreScalerDlay, TMRActual, RTCActual, TMRError
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