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Project management is a constantly growing and changing eld. Rather than provide an extensive list of resources here, where it would quickly go out of date, the author s company, Quality Technology & Instruction (QTI), o ers a web page of project management resources, which is kept up to date and is constantly growing. Please go to and click on Project Manager and select Project Management Demysti ed, or go directly to On this web page you will nd many tools and templates from this book in electronic format that you can copy and use, as well as reports on advanced topics. Downloading these templates will speed you on your way to learning them, using them, and improving your skills as a project manager. Those interested in project management certi cation should go to the Project Management Institute (PMI) web site at to learn about the Project Management Professional (PMP) certi cation exam. If you plan to take the exam, membership is well worth it the discount on the exam for members almost pays for the membership. The core text for the
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exam is A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, currently in its year 2000 edition, usually called PMBOK 2000. At the time of writing it is available free for members to download. In addition, the PMI o ers many books and other resources for PMP exam preparation, and the local chapters usually o er free training classes. Books that speci cally focus on passing the PMP exam are available at the PMI bookstore at their site and at many other bookstores.
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A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), an American National Standard, ANSI-PMI 99-001-2000, 2000 Edition, Project Management Institute, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, 2000. Richard P. Feynman s Minority Report to the Space Shuttle Challenger Inquiry, in The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: The Best Short Works of Richard P. Feynman, by Richard P. Feynman (Je rey Robbins, Ed.), pages 151 171, Perseus Publishing, 1999. Software Inspection, by Tom Gilb and Dorothy Graham (Susannah Finzi, Ed.), Addison-Wesley, 1993.
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accountability, 11 action control, 198 action items, 34 advertising campaign, scope statement, 96 agenda, 33 agreement, 29 32 analysis stage, 66, 73 4, 95, 118 62 budget, 92 errors and their consequences, 119 formal approval, 140 home theater, 160 imputs, 130 key concepts, 154 5 key points, 121 6 key tools, 141 9 outputs, 140 1 process, 131 40 project for learning, 161 project vs. product or service, 121 2 questions for learning, 161 2 resources assigned to, 127 8 roles in, 128 30 technical projects, 120 vs. design stage, 119 20 annual net value, 250 architecture, 122 decisions, 170 requirements, 135 6, 173 solutions, 135 6 assumptions, 111 12 audit, 221 scope statement, 97 authority and responsibility, 31 benefit/cost see cost/benefit biodiversity, 65
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biological life cycle, 60 biomass, 65 blame, 37 8 see also no-blame environment bottom-up design, 120 1 brainstorming, 25, 38 9, 81 2, 90 1, 231, 299, 315 16 before winnowing, 82 3 process, 301 2 values, 82 breakdown structure, 165 buddy-checking, 311 buddy system, 10 budget, 110 11, 228, 240 analysis stage, 92 and contingency planning, 281 3 design stage, 92, 139 40 desired, 123 estimates, 150 preparation procedure, 272 3 required, 123 build-fix cycle, 238 9 business analyst role in analysis stage, 128 9 role in design stage, 172 role in development stage, 191 role in transition stage, 217 business case, 94, 228 value and cost, 122 business processes, 134 business review, 228 Capability Maturity Model (CMM), 14 Carnegie, Andrew, 258 cellular base station, case study, 155 60 change acceptance criteria, 285
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