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Putting the Pieces Together
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You have the most power to make an impact on your audience at the beginning and the end of your presentation. Since people tend to remember the rst and the last things they hear, make sure you conclude carefully and with emphasis.
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Avoid Conclusion Pitfalls
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Incorporate the following suggestions for your conclusion to help avoid some common mistakes.
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Don t make the audience guess whether or not you re wrapping up. Give them a cue that you re about to conclude, so they can be prepared to ask questions, to applaud, or to leave. Here s an example: And before I leave you today, I d like to offer you one more reason to consider organ donation. She s sitting right here. Meet my daughter Lauren. She received a new liver ve years ago.
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Bonus Point
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Don t introduce new facts during your conclusion.
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Help the audience avoid the awkward moment that occurs when a speaker just fades off the stage. A conclusion that disappears can diminish all the good you have done in the body of your speech. Make sure you ve covered all the points you intended to address, and then conclude with conviction. When you ve reached the end of your conclusion, stop! For example: I d like to thank you for your time, the questions you ve just asked, and your willingness to get involved with our community greenspace project!
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CHAPTER 7 Building a Powerful Conclusion END ON TIME
No matter how well you spoke, the audience will appreciate the fact that you kept your promise to them. Whether you ve published an agenda or just told the audience when you are scheduled to end, you ve essentially made a promise that you need to honor. Even if you started late, be respectful and nish on time. Here is an example in which the speaker acknowledges her promise at the end of her conclusion: That brings me to the end of my presentation. It s now three minutes until twelve o clock, and we re scheduled to nish at noon. I d like to wrap up so that those of you who have commitments at noon can begin your travels. We ll open this room now so that our next speaker can set up. For anyone who would like to ask additional questions, I ll be next door in room 27, and we can continue our discussion.
Speaking of . . . Preparing Your Conclusion
Because introductions and conclusions are so closely related, it s a good idea to create them at the same time. Check for consistency in tone and content. Remember that you have the best opportunities to hook your audience at both the beginning and end of your talk.
Goals for Your Conclusion
The conclusion is your nal opportunity to make your point with your audience. A good conclusion accomplishes these goals.
A good conclusion assures that everyone knows you re nished with the formal part of your time onstage, in the conference room, or online. A great conclusion brings the communication process to a close at least for now.
Putting the Pieces Together
Your conclusion allows you one nal opportunity to emphasize your message. This is the time to remind the audience of what s important. You can repeat the points in a new way to make them more memorable.
For any persuasive speech, the point is to convince the audience to do, to think, or to feel something. Just like a salesperson with a good product to sell, you can do all the convincing in the world, but until you ask people to buy, you haven t nished your job.
Bonus Point
Wrap up your presentation with con dence. Never let your conclusion sound like you re thinking, Boy, am I glad this is over.
Conclusion Techniques
Here are seven ways to end a presentation, with examples of each.
Most presenters summarize at some point. They reiterate what the audience should remember in either the conclusion or the transition from the last point into the conclusion. Sometimes a summary can simply consist of repeating your main points. For example: So remember, it s not a complicated process. Just six simple steps can lead you to a lower golf score: First, balance your weight evenly on both feet. Second, hold your head directly above the ball. Third, keep your eyes on the ball.
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