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With the K Desktop Environment (KDE) and the GNU Network Object Model Environment (Gnome), Linux now has a completely integrated GUI interface. You can perform all your Linux operations entirely from either interface. Previously, Linux did support window managers that provided some GUI functionality, but they were usually restricted to window operations. KDE and Gnome are fully operational desktops supporting drag-and-drop operations, enabling you to drag icons to your desktop and to set up your own menus on an Applications panel. Both rely on an underlying X Window System, which means as long as they are both installed on your system, applications from one can run on the other desktop. You can run KDE programs like the KDE mailer or the newsreader on the Gnome desktop. Gnome applications like the Gftp FTP client can run on the KDE desktop. You can even switch file managers, running the KDE file manager on Gnome. You lose some desktop functionality, such as drag-and- drop operations, but the applications run fine. Desktop and window manager sites are listed in Table 1-2. The Gnome and KDE sites are particularly helpful for documentation, news, and software you can download for those desktops. Both desktops can run any X Window System program, as well as any cursor-based program like Emacs and Vi, which were designed to work in a shell environment. At the same time, a great many applications are written just for those desktops and included with your distributions. The K Desktop has a complete set of Internet tools, along with editors and graphic, multimedia, and system applications. Gnome has slightly fewer applications, but a great many are currently in the works. Check their Web sites at and for new applications. As new versions are released, they include new software. Note Ximian currently maintains an enhanced version of Gnome called Ximian Gnome at Table 1-2: Desktops and Window Managers URL Internet Site Gnome Web site K Desktop Environment Web site
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Table 1-2: Desktops and Window Managers Internet Site X Window System Web site, with links FVWM window manager WindowMaker window manager Enlightenment window manager AfterStep window manager Blackbox window manager Hungry Programmers OSF/Motif Desktop and Window manager themes, including KDE and Gnome XFree86, GNU version of the X Window System provided for Linux Themes for window mangers and desktops Ximian Gnome OpenMotif, open source version of Motif
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Linux was developed as a cooperative effort over the Internet, so no company or institution controls Linux. Software developed for Linux reflects this background. Development often takes place when Linux users decide to work on a project together. When completed, the software is posted at an Internet site, and any Linux user can then access the site and download the software. The potential for Linux-based software is explosive. Linux software development has always operated in an Internet environment and it is global in scope, enlisting programmers from around the world. The only thing you need to start a Linux-based software project is a Web site. Most Linux software is developed as open source software. This means that the source code for an application is freely distributed along with the application. Programmers over the Internet can make their own contributions to a software's development, modifying and correcting the source code. Linux is considered open source. Its source code in included in all its distributions and is freely available on the Internet. Many major software development efforts are also open source projects such as the KDE and Gnome desktops along with most of their applications. Netscape Communicator Web browser package has also become open source, with all its source code freely available. The OpenOffice office suite supported by Sun is an open source project based on the former StarOffice office suite. Recently much of the Tcl/TK development tools have become open source projects. Many of the open source applications that run on Linux have located their Web sites at Source Forge ( Source Forge is a hosting site designed specifically to support open source projects. You can find more information about the open source movement and recent developments at both Linuxcare ( and at Red Hat also hosts open source projects at
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Open source software is protected by public licenses. These prevent commercial companies from taking control of open source software by adding a few modifications of their own, copyrighting those changes, and selling the software as their own product. The most popular public license is the GNU Public License provided by the Free Software Foundation. This is the license that Linux is distributed under. The GNU Public License retains copyright, freely licensing the software with the requirement that the software and any modifications made to it are always freely available. Other public licenses have also been created to support the demands of different kinds of open source project. The Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL) lets commercial applications use GNU licensed software libraries. Netscape made its Netscape Communicator software available under a Netscape Public License (NPL) that covers modifications made directly to the Netscape source code. Additions made to Netscape are covered under the Mozilla Public License. The QT Public License (QPL) lets open source developers use the QT libraries essential to the KDE desktop. You can find a complete listing at Linux is currently copyrighted under a GNU public license provided by the Free Software Foundation, and is often referred to as GNU software (see GNU software is distributed free, provided it is freely distributed to others. GNU software has proven both reliable and effective. Many of the popular Linux utilities, such as C compilers, shells, and editors, are all GNU software applications. Installed with your Linux distribution are the GNU C++ and Lisp compilers, Vi and Emacs editors, BASH and TCSH shells, as well as Tax and Ghostscript document formatters. In addition there are many open source software projects that are licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL). Many of these software applications are available at different Internet sites, and these are listed in Table 1-3. 4 and 31 describe in detail the process of downloading software applications from Internet sites and installing them on your system. Under the terms of the GNU General Public License, the original author retains the copyright, although anyone can modify the software and redistribute it, provided the source code is included. Also, no restriction exists on selling the software or giving it away free. One distributor could charge for the software, while another one could provide it free of charge. Lately, major software companies are also developing Linux versions of their most popular applications. A Linux version of Sun's Java Software Development Kit (SDK) is also available through Corel has developed a Linux version of WordPerfect, while Oracle provides a Linux version of its Oracle database. (At present, no plans seem in the works for Microsoft applications.) Until recently, however, many of these lacked a true desktop interface, but this has changed dramatically with the introduction of KDE and Gnome. These desktops are not merely interfaces: They both provide extensive, flexible, and powerful development libraries that software developers can use to create almost any kind of application, which they are.
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