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Appendix B Sources B.1 Selected Specialty Parts and Sources B.2 General Robotics Kits and Parts B.3 Electronics/Mechanical: New, Used, and Surplus B.4 Microcontrollers, Single-Board Computers, Programmers B.5 Radio Control (R/C) Retailers B.6 Servo and Stepper Motors, Controllers B.7 Ready-Made Personal and Educational Robots B.8 Construction Kits, Toys, and Parts B.9 Miscellaneous Appendix C Robot Information on the Internet C.1 Electronics Manufacturers C.2 Shape-Memory Alloy C.3 Microcontroller Design C.4 Robotics User Groups C.5 General Robotics Information C.6 Books, Literature, and Magazines C.7 Surplus Resources C.8 Commercial Robots C.9 Video Cameras C.10 Ultrasonic Range Finders C.11 LEGO Mindstorms Sources on the Web C.12 Servo and Stepper Motor Information C.13 Quick Turn Mechanical and Electronics Parts Manufacturers Index
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Gordon McComb s Acknowledgments for the Third Edition
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Only until you ve climbed the mountain can you look behind and see the vast distance that you ve covered, and remember those you ve met along the way who made your trek a little easier. Now that this book is finally finished, after the many miles of weary travel, I look back to those who helped me turn it into a reality and offer my heartfelt thanks. To the gang on comp.robotics.misc, for the great ideas, wisdom, and support; to Scott Savage, designer of the OOPic; to Frank Manning and Jack Schoof of NetMedia for their help with the BasicX; to Tony Ellis, a real-life Q if I ever met one; to Scott Grillo and the editors at McGraw-Hill; to my agents Matt Wagner and Bill Gladstone; and last and certainly not least, to my wife, Jennifer.
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Myke Predko s Acknowledgments for the Third Edition
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I had no small measure of concern when I was offered the opportunity to work on the third edition of what is affectionately known as RBB. The book is a staple for both beginners and experts alike and is crammed with material and knowledge that come from a large number of disciplines. Undertaking this effort required a lot of support from a variety of different individuals. My editor, Judy Bass, who had the confidence that I could update RBB and do a credible job of it, and who kept her sense of humor and interest despite all the emails, questions, and ideas that are generated in a project like this. Judy always gives the confidence that all of McGraw-Hill is behind me. For technical information and ideas regarding the material in the book, I would like to recognize Ben Wirz, who has an amazing amount of background in robotics and has been the co-designer on the Tab Electronics robot kits; Joe Jones, a very special robot designer and author; and Ken Gracey of Parallax who seems to have dedicated himself to making robots easy for everyone. I want to thank all of you for your time, ideas, and energy toward the development of the third edition of this book. Over the past few years, I have been involved with the Ontario Science Centre along with Celestica, my daytime employer, helping to put on robot workshops for local families.
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Through these workshops, I have learned a lot about what people want to get from robots and have seen their ideas take wing. All the volunteers involved, both Celestica and Ontario Science Centre employees, continue to give excellent suggestions, feedback, and support. I would especially like to thank Blair Clarkson, the special events coordinator of the Ontario Science Centre for his friendship, help, and prodding over the years to help create something that is truly unique. For those of you following my progress as a writer, you will know that I frequently consult my daughter, Marya, for ideas and a different perspective. Her support started out from just pressing buttons to watch lights flash and now has progressed to trying out a few of the projects and critiquing different aspects of the book. My wife Patience s continual support and love are necessary ingredients of every book I have written. Her enthusiasm for my hobby despite the mess, time taken from the family, and occasional flames accompanied by loud obscenities is nothing short of wonderful. Nothing that I do would be possible without you. Lastly, I am indebted to Gordon McComb for all his hard work establishing the framework for Robot Builder s Bonanza and the countless hours he has spent making sure this book is the best introduction to robotics there is. Thank you and I hope I have been able to pass along a bit of what you ve given me.
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