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Indirect Power Transfer Devices
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The factory-made precision gearheads now available for installation in the latest smaller-sized servosystems can improve their performance while eliminating the external gears, belts, and pulleys commonly used in earlier larger servosystems. The gearheads can be coupled to the smaller, higher-speed servomotors, resulting in simpler systems with lower power consumption and operating costs. Gearheads, now being made in both in-line and right-angle configurations, can be mounted directly to the drive motor shafts. They can convert high-speed, low-torque rotary motion to a low-speed, hightorque output. The latest models are smaller and more accurate than their predecessors, and they have been designed to be compatible with the smaller, more precise servomotors being offered today. Gearheads have often been selected for driving long trains of mechanisms in machines that perform such tasks as feeding wire, wood, or metal for further processing. However, the use of an in-line gearhead adds to the space occupied by these machines, and this can be a problem where factory floor space is restricted. One way to avoid this problem is to choose a right-angle gearhead (Figure 2-28). It can be mounted vertically beneath the host machine or even horizontally on the machine bed. Horizontal mounting can save space because the gearheads and motors can be positioned behind the machine, away from the operator. Bevel gears are commonly used in right-angle drives because they can provide precise motion. Conically shaped bevel gears with straight- or spiral-cut teeth allow mating shafts to intersect at 90 angles. Straight-cut bevel gears typically have contact ratios of about 1.4, but the simultaneous mating of straight teeth along their entire lengths causes more vibration and noise than the mating of spiral-bevel gear teeth. By contrast, spiral-bevel gear teeth engage and disengage gradually and precisely with contact ratios of 2.0 to 3.0, making little noise. The higher contact ratios of spiral-bevel gears permit them to drive loads that are 20 to 30% greater than those possible with straight bevel gears. Moreover, the spiral-bevel teeth mesh with a rolling action that increases their precision and also reduces friction. As a result, operating efficiencies can exceed 90%.
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Simplify the Mounting
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The smaller servomotors now available force gearheads to operate at higher speeds, making vibrations more likely. Inadvertent misalignment between servomotors and gearboxes, which often occurs during installation, is a common source of vibration. The mounting of conventional
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Indirect Power Transfer Devices
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Figure 2-28 This right-angle gearhead is designed for high-performance servo applications. It includes helical planetary output gears, a rigid sun gear, spiral bevel gears, and a balanced input pinion. Courtesy of Bayside Controls Inc.
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motors with gearboxes requires several precise connections. The output shaft of the motor must be attached to the pinion gear that slips into a set of planetary gears in the end of the gearbox, and an adapter plate must joint the motor to the gearbox. Unfortunately, each of these connections can introduce slight alignment errors that accumulate to cause overall motor/gearbox misalignment.
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Indirect Power Transfer Devices
The pinion is the key to smooth operation because it must be aligned exactly with the motor shaft and gearbox. Until recently it has been standard practice to mount pinions in the field when the motors were connected to the gearboxes. This procedure often caused the assembly to vibrate. Engineers realized that the integration of gearheads into the servomotor package would solve this problem, but the drawback to the integrated unit is that failure of either component would require replacement of the whole unit. A more practical solution is to make the pinion part of the gearhead assembly because gearheads with built-in pinions are easier to mount to servomotors than gearheads with field-installed pinions. It is only necessary to insert the motor shaft into the collar that extends from the gearhead s rear housing, tighten the clamp with a wrench, and bolt the motor to the gearhead. Pinions installed at the factory ensure smooth-running gearheads because they are balanced before they are mounted. This procedure permits them to spin at high speed without wobbling. As a result, the balanced pinions minimize friction and thus cause less wear, noise, and vibration than field-installed pinions. However, the factory-installed pinion requires a floating bearing to support the shaft with a pinion on one end. The Bayside Motion Group of Bayside Controls Inc., Port Washington, New York, developed a selfaligning bearing for this purpose. Bayside gearheads with these pinions are rated for input speeds up to 5000 rpm. A collar on the pinion shaft s other end mounts to the motor shaft. The bearing holds the pinion in place until it is mounted. At that time a pair of bearings in the servomotor support the coupled shaft. The self-aligning feature of the floating bearing lets the motor bearing support the shaft after installation. The pinion and floating bearing help to seal the unit during its operation. The pinion rests in a blind hole and seals the rear of the gearhead. This seal keeps out dirt while retaining the lubricants within the housing. Consequently, light grease and semifluid lubricants can replace heavy grease.
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