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to cross oceans [he amplifies his voice, highlighting the greatness of this] and pioneers to travel west, a promise that led workers to picket lines and women to reach for the ballot. [He quickens his cadence; his pitch rises and falls. Applause.] And [slight pause] it is that promise that, forty-five years ago today [pause], brought Americans from every corner of this land to stand together on a Mall in Washington, before Lincoln s Memorial, and hear a young preacher from Georgia speak of his dream [he progressively amplifies his voice, giving great effect to his words and rousing listeners with his reference to Martin Luther King Jr. He lets the words linger. The audience rings with enthusiastic applause.] The men and women who gathered there could ve heard many things. They could ve heard words of anger and discord. They could ve been told to succumb to the fear and frustrations of so many dreams deferred. But what the people heard instead people of every creed and color, from every walk of life is that, in America [emphasis], our destiny is inextricably linked, that together [emphasis] our dreams can be one. [He pinches his fingers, accentuating the points.] We cannot walk alone, [he slices his hand emphatically through the air] the preacher cried. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. [He cuts his hand through the air again.] We cannot turn back. [He stresses each word.] America, we cannot turn back . . . [His tone remains determined; he wags his index finger high in the air. Applause.] . . . Not [emphasis] with so much work to be done [he amplifies his volume and keeps it raised and he points repeatedly to the
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audience, challenging listeners]; not [emphasis] with so many children to educate, and so many veterans to care for; not [emphasis] with an economy to fix, and cities to rebuild, and farms to save; not [emphasis] with so many families to protect and so many lives to mend. America! We cannot turn back. [His tone issues a challenge. Pause.] We cannot walk alone. [His tone is unwavering and resolute as he builds to a crescendo.] At this moment, in this election [his tone underscores a sense of urgency as he reaches his crescendo], we must pledge once more to march into the future. Let us keep [emphasis] that promise [his tone issues a challenge], that American promise [his tone is wistful], and in the words of Scripture hold firmly [he speaks the word Scripture with reverence], without wavering, to the hope that we confess. Thank you! [Slight pause.] God bless you! [Slight pause.] And God bless [emphasis] the United States of America! [Emphases added.] [The audience rises in an ovation. Obama stretches his arm wide, waving to the audience. He claps his hands briefly with the audience, underscoring their unity. The audience continues on in applause.] The media, many listeners and political pundits immediately praised Barack Obama s 2008 presidential nomination acceptance speech as magnificent, extraordinary, electrifying, rousing, unifying, and the best since President Kennedy. The masterful and powerful delivery solidified Obama s place as one of the most effective and outstanding orators of recent times.
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Were you able to identify all of the rhetorical techniques For more extensive analysis of this historic speech and discussion about the valuable rhetorical techniques in this masterful acceptance address, visit or
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If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer. It s the answer told by lines that stretched around schools and churches in numbers this nation has never seen; by people who waited three hours and four hours, many for the very first time in their lives, because they believed that this time must be different; that their voice could be that difference. It s the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been a collection of Red States and Blue States: we are, and always will be, the United States of America. It s the answer that led those who have been told for so long by so many to be cynical, and fearful, and doubtful of what we can achieve to put their hands on the arc of history and bend it once more toward the hope of a better day.
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It s been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America. I just received a very gracious call from Senator McCain. He fought long and hard in this campaign, and he s fought even longer and harder for the country he loves. He has endured sacrifices for America that most of us cannot begin to imagine, and we are better off for the service rendered by this brave and selfless leader. I congratulate him and Governor Palin for all they have achieved, and I look forward to working with them to renew this nation s promise in the months ahead. I want to thank my partner in this journey, a man who campaigned from his heart and spoke for the men and women he grew up with on the streets of Scranton and rode with on that train home to Delaware, the Vice President-elect of the United States, Joe Biden. I would not be standing here tonight without the unyielding support of my best friend for the last sixteen years, the rock of our family and the love of my life, our nation s next First Lady, Michelle Obama. Sasha and Malia, I love you both so much, and you have earned the new puppy that s coming with us to the White House. And while she s no longer with us, I know my grandmother is watching, along with the family that made me who I am. I miss them tonight, and know that my debt to them is beyond measure. To my campaign manager David Plouffe, my chief strategist David Axelrod, and the best campaign team ever assembled in the history of politics you made this happen, and I am forever grateful for what you ve sacrificed to get it done.
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