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Look at why your customers go away, as shown next. Often, site optimizers experiment with different layouts, colors, call-to-actions, messaging, and so on. But sometimes, you ll find these site optimization experiments won t keep customers. Customers buy because they find something is useful and valuable. Offer them highly targeted and relevant retention offers. Turn your marketing campaigns into a service for your customer by matching your offer to what your customer is interested in.
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Use site map overlays. These show you where the customers are clicking. As you can see next, Unica and Omniture s site overlay shows you the profitability of the links so you can restructure your website to maximize profits.
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Integrated Marketing
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Use the reporting tools to create questions about your data, as shown next. You can use predefined questions or create your own. Once your
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Search Engine Marketing
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question is built, views and reports are created on the fly for analysis and decision-making.
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Integrated Marketing
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Interview: Yuchun Lee, CEO of Unica
Yuchun Lee cofounded Unica in 1992. Over 600 companies use Unica for their EMM. Yuchun Lee holds degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT and an MBA from Babson College. Mr. Lee is the CEO of Unica. Q: What is integrated marketing How do you define it A: Integrated marketing is a process by which all communications and marketing programs delivered to a customer or prospect are relevant and consistent. This applies whether the communications are offline or online, inbound or outbound. Online marketing channels include any e-marketing campaigns or programs, from search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click, affiliate, e-mail, banner, to the latest web-related channels for webinar, blog, RSS, podcast, and Internet TV. Offline marketing channels are traditional print (newspaper, magazine), mail order, public relations, industry analyst relations, billboard, radio, and television. Unica s enterprise marketing management (EMM) technology delivers a complete platform for integrated marketing. It is uniquely based on a system of record for marketing, which you can think of as institutional memory for the marketing organization. The system of record brings together marketing assets, such as creatives, reports, budgets, and business definitions (for example, customer segments and best practices) so that marketers can manage their creation and usage, rapidly assemble them to execute different programs, and measure performance. This free flow of accurate, up-to-date information speeds marketing execution, reduces mistakes, boosts productivity through automation and reuse, and enables faster, better decisions. EMM helps companies manage their marketing campaigns, programs, and activities across time and across channels. In that respect, all those pieces work together to help marketers better address the needs of the customer through whatever channel the customer wants, ensuring sensitivity to customer preferences and consistency of message delivery. This is what integrated marketing and EMM are all about. Q: Can you give a few examples of EMM How does the customer experience this How does it work for the company A: Marketing is more complex than any other part of an enterprise in terms of the different kinds of processes it requires. If you have 1000 sales people in a company, they re pretty much doing the same thing. If you have 50 marketers, they are doing 200 different things. The key thing to understand is that EMM enables the automation of dozens and dozens of different marketing processes, which taken holistically add up to what we call enterprise marketing management. Let s talk about some of the things EMM solves. From an analytics perspective, we have customers, such as Lands End, who use our technology to automate their direct mailings. Lands End has hundreds of versions of their catalogs. Depending on who you are, you get a special version that is designed to appeal to your interests. Our technology
Search Engine Marketing
helps them manage the mailings of those catalogs and to assess the effectiveness of their catalog versions and targeting strategies. An online example is, who automates the execution of over 1,000,000 targeted e-mails per day based on job seeker preferences and behavior. Another example is to look at the different marketing processes and tools that marketers manage: signage, local advertising, store openings, events, etc. All of these activities have multiple moving parts. Customers use our software to define and store information about these activities so that every time they open a new store, it s the same process, including the same approval process and workflow. If you look at a company like Lowe s, which has regular Sunday newspaper inserts, they need to determine which products get promoted, their placement within the insert, the graphics and the approval for those graphics, the prices, and so on. This can involve several hundred people working in different countries. They use Unica software to help streamline and coordinate these complex processes. By and large, EMM helps companies solve their mission-critical problems in marketing, and that s what it s all about. Q: What is integrated analytics How do you define it A: Analytics are a key part of integrated marketing. If you look at the core marketing processes, they consist of analysis of customers and data, planning of marketing budgets and resources, production and design, including message development, execution of programs and campaigns, and measurement of results. So there are five steps: analysis, planning, production, execution and measurement. Analytics is a vital step in these marketing processes. Integrated analytics, in our view, spans time and channels. It allows marketers to analyze customers in a holistic fashion, synchronizing data about their lifestyle and their preferences, the permissions they ve given, their purchase and interaction history. Truly integrated analytics enables companies to develop and deliver marketing messages that are so timely and relevant they feel like a valued service to their customers. Q: How does Unica deal with a company s existing analytics tool Is it a layer on top of the analytics A: It depends on the type of analytics tool and the company s situation. Unica offers a wide range of capabilities , including reporting, web analytics, predictive modeling, event detection, and real-time analytics for delivering personalized offers during web and call center interactions. While many companies often have existing capabilities in some of these areas, they are often isolated, complex applications that are not fully integrated into their marketing operations. Unica can help in two ways. In some instances, we integrate with existing capabilities. For example, we have many customers that use SAS to build predictive models. These models can be used within our overall marketing automation solution to help segment and optimize campaigns. In other situations, companies find that their legacy analytics capabilities are too complex and costly to maintain and integrate. As a result, we see companies adopting our analytics capabilities because of their ease of use, functional capabilities, and integration within our EMM suite.
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