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How to Get Help with PPC
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If PPC is essential to your company, consider outsourcing it. In many cases, it s cheaper to hire an agency. A PPC agency may offer a team of five or six people that includes a PPC manager, SEO manager, copywriter, graphics person, link building, and so on, all for the about the same you would pay to hire one staff person. The PPC agency shouldn t just manage your bids; they should work with you to manage the advertising as a business project. They should be proactive with recommendations and suggestions for new strategies. Google adds new tools nearly every month. Your agency should advise you if there are new services that are appropriate to your project. Here are some tips for selecting a PPC agency:
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Look up the company or consultant in and Talk with your business network and see if they are working with a reliable service. Ask for several references and call those references.
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Search Engine Marketing
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Make sure your project isn t assigned to an intern. Ask the agency for the resume of the person who will do the work and then interview that person. Ask them to explain the process. They should describe how they use analytics as part of the PPC. They should have a sense of your business, your market, and your goals. If you re not satisfied, ask the company to provide another person. If the agency doesn t include analytics, strike them from the list.
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How to Tell If Your PPC Agency Is Doing a Good Job
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We re often asked to evaluate PPC accounts that are managed by other companies. Here s a checklist:
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The agency should identify the KPIs and develop a strategy to reach those goals. They should discuss CPL and CPA with you. Also, they should focus on conversions, not clicks. They should give explanations and make recommendations that include strategies to increase conversions, improve landing pages, and use multivariate testing. There should be recommendations at least on a quarterly schedule. They should install and configure analytics for you. They should configure the PPC accounts. The agency should be able to explain why they have selected the various settings (budget, location, language, and so on).
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Here are several ways for you to check that they are doing work:
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Look at the QS for keywords. It should be OK, Good, or Great. There should not be keywords with a QS of Poor. Every ad group should have several ads. The agency should be using A/B split testing of the ads. There should not be any weak ads with unprofitable CPL/CPA. Turn on the display of deleted ads to see if they have been testing ads. They should work with you to develop landing pages. They should use multivariate or A/B testing to test the landing pages. You can see if they are actually doing work by reviewing the Change History (see Campaign Management | Tools tab). It shows the changes that have been made for the last 90 days.
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The Future of AdWords
There is a lot of opportunity to improve AdWords. It was quickly built in 2002 by Google s engineers. It reflects an engineer s preference for numbers. The AdWords interface resembles the web stats reporting tools of that time (it shows the number of impressions, number of clicks, and so on). Most of that information is useless for advertisers. Because impressions and clicks are shown, some advertisers focus on the wrong numbers and they try to get more impressions or clicks. For years, the AdWords tool showed only the conversion rate, but not the number of conversions. It now includes the cost-per-conversion and the number of conversions, but it doesn t show the amount of profit. The worst number on the screen is costs on the bottom line of the table. This puts advertisers in the idea of controlling (and lowering) costs ( Costs are climbing, we must reduce them ). Instead, it should show the profit, so advertisers concentrate on increasing profits. If you saw a profit (and a chart with the profit trend), you would work on getting higher profits. The ad groups report the bid, but advertisers generally don t notice that the CPC is much lower. They manage keywords according to bids, not the CPC. AdWords doesn t show the QS (aside from a cryptic Poor, OK, Good, or Great), so advertisers don t appreciate the significance of the QS. If Google showed the numeric value of the QS (and a trend), advertisers would have feedback to improve that number. Google is tying the advertising tools and analytics closer together. Online advertising is merging with offline advertising. Google s quantification is turning advertising into a result-based process. This brings marketing to the attention of people with a business and finance background. They can apply their methods to maximize the value of marketing. This also means the use of BI tools to manage advertising. PPC tools could include wizards to help people determine the profits, lifetime value (LTV), cost-per-lead, and cost-per-acquisition. The KPIs could be displayed as numbers and graphs on a BI dashboard. The PPC tools can be tied to various BI tools (such as Business Objects, Cognos, and so on). The classical AdWords interface is outstaying its usefulness. It is a tool for managing PPC on the Web, but that is just one part of the palette of advertising services that now include radio, TV, newspapers, and mobile devices. Too many advertisers think Google PPC is just for web ads. The PPC interface has to evolve to encourage the advertiser to use all of the media ads, not just web ads. It should also include tools for managing the profits in SEO. The advertiser should be able to manage all forms of advertising according to their business goals.
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