Migration from One Analytics Package to Another in Software

Paint Code 128 in Software Migration from One Analytics Package to Another

Migration from One Analytics Package to Another
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By now, many companies are using some form of analytics. So it s often a question of migrating from one package to another. Don t turn one off and start the other. You should run both simultaneously for a few months and compare the results. As you ve seen earlier, packages
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Search Engine Marketing
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produce different results on the same website. If you switch from A to B, you may see a 9% drop. Or you may get a sudden 10% increase. This doesn t mean you should hand out dismissal notices or performance bonuses. The new tool will produce different numbers. To smooth over the switch, collect data for both packages and develop formulas to convert the old numbers into the new numbers.
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Vendors in Analytics
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In 1995, IT teams needed to know when they had to add more servers to handle the visits to their websites. Thus, simple log stats packages were developed. These tools used log files to report website activity. Web servers produce log files, which keep track of requests made to the server, including which pages are clicked, which keywords bring visitors, which web browsers are used, when people come to the website, and so on. Log files also record the number of bytes downloaded along with each visitor s IP address. Engineering teams used these log stats tools to monitor performance, system requirements, and uptime. That s all they did: they did not track the cost-per-visit or any financial or marketing numbers. That wasn t an issue for the IT team. In 1997, shopping cart software appeared, which quickly evolved into e-commerce applications during the web boom in 1998 and 1999. Sales and marketing departments began using web stats tools to monitor visitor trends, banner ad tracking, profits, and return on investment (ROI). These tools began to display data as graphs and pie charts. After the dot-com crash in 2000, surviving companies and new companies had to concentrate on revenues and profits. Sales and marketing teams began to focus on lead generation and sales. They wanted to know the customer s activity and history: where they come from, how they got there, what they look at, how long they look, what they buy, and where they go. The web stats tools turned into web analytics tools. The digitization of traditional media (radio, TV, print) and the use of unique URLs and tracking codes make it possible to use web analytics in offline channels. The last few years have seen a rapid evolution in analytics. The major companies change their strategy literally every year as they learn more about the market. Everyone agrees we will see more evolution in the next few years. Previously, web analytics was reporting. Now, web analytics is used to drive the business. This moves web analytics to the top of the organization. CEOs, VPs, and CFOs are using web analytics to understand their business and make decisions. Web analytics vendors include Omniture, Coremetrics, Webtrends, IndexTools, and ClickTracks. Unica is primarily an enterprise marketing management (EMM) vendor that also has an analytics tool. The large search
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CHAPTER 3: Analytics
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engines have their own analytics tools: There is Google Analytics and Microsoft adCenter Analytics. Yahoo! bought IndexTools and may release it for free as Yahoo! Analytics. The analytics industry is also undergoing consolidation. Google bought Urchin. JLHalsey bought ClickTracks. Omniture is apparently trying to buy the industry, so they bought Visual Sciences and Hitbox. And as previously mentioned, Yahoo! bought IndexTools. Because of rapid evolution, we won t provide a detailed review of packages. They change too fast. To give you an idea of the differences, however, let s look at Omniture, Coremetrics, Unica, and Google Analytics:
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Omniture is an enterprise-level package for companies with extensive and complex marketing strategies. Omniture allows customized tagging. You can tag types or categories of content on different pages. This lets you track the visitor activity by category of content. Omniture also has event-triggered rules that can make changes to your campaigns. If you have 100 items in stock and the website sells the last one, it shuts off the PPC spending on those campaigns. It can increase or decrease ad spend based on rules you create. You can use automated optimization to monitor visitors on the website and modify the website according to their activity. Omniture starts at about $5000 for setup consulting services and costs $1000 per month, and it goes up from there based on the volume of traffic. You can purchase additional modules. You will have to invest in training and consulting services to get its full benefits. Omniture SiteCatalyst is an on-demand application service provider (ASP) solution. Coremetrics has developed in-house expertise across verticals such as retail, financial services, travel, and content. Coremetrics starts at about $750 per month, and goes up from there based on the volume of traffic. The data warehouse is included with the analytics platform. Besides providing a highly scalable and flexible reporting and ad hoc analytics solution, Coremetrics has invested heavily in a number of vertically-focused solution sets. They have developed in-house expertise and analytics across verticals such as retail, B2B, financial services, travel, content, and media. Coremetrics also provides an add-on suit of application aimed at optimizing online marketing functions. These include Coremetrics Search, which manages PPC in Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft; Coremetrics Intelligent Offer, an automated recommendation engine; and Coremetric LiveMail, which enables integration of online customer behavior with 16 of the leading e-mail service providers.
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