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Interview with Shari Thurow
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Shari Thurow, author of Search Engine Visibility, is a leading SEO expert and well - known in the industry. Q: Shari, let s start with an open question: Everyone wants to be number one in Google. Is that really the goal A: I believe website owners need to look at the big picture. Search engine visibility is a process, not a goal in itself. Part of the process is to bring traffic to a website. Another part of the process is to convert that qualified search engine traffic into buyers, subscribers, attendees, etc. Interestingly, a website s user friendliness heavily affects search engine visibility. I have seen many web pages attain the coveted number-one position and get an initial brand impact from that top position. And I have also seen that positive brand impact instantaneously change to a negative brand impact within one mouse click. Why Because the website owners were so obsessed in attaining that number-one position that they forgot about the people who actually use their websites. Google doesn t buy their products. End users will they are the buyers. Search engine positions fluctuate all website owners need to accept this fact. A web page can have a number-one position one week and a number-15 position
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Search Engine Marketing
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the following week. As long as the qualified search engine traffic is converting overall, then it really doesn t matter whether a web page is in the number-one position. To be perfectly honest, I have seen higher conversions with web pages that are not in the number-one position. Q: What were some of your toughest projects A: Getting a website with over 25,000 pages of unique content unbanned in Google. Can you imagine suddenly losing almost all of your site s search engine traffic This particular website was banned because their SEO company bought over 100 domain names, put similar content on each domain, and then added link building to each of these domains. It took me almost six months to clean up this SEO nightmare. The result Five years later, the site gets over 20 million unique visitors per month, and that number is continually growing. The site also does not need search engine advertising because its natural search engine traffic and conversions are saving the company millions of dollars in advertising expenses. In my opinion, it is better to build an effective website from the outset, saving time and expenses. I find it to be far more expensive to mess up a site and then have to clean it up later. Q: How do I convince my boss to go forward with SEO What s the business case for SEO A: I believe it is easier to convince the boss to use PPC than SEO. If the company has already built a website at considerable expense, the company is not likely to rebuild the site. If the timing is right, considerable cost savings, positive brand impact, lead generation, closed sales, and other conversions are waiting to happen. Believe it or not, most of my clients do not utilize search engine advertising because it is not necessary for the success of their businesses. Their sites get consistent, qualified search engine traffic over time traffic that converts. Q: The CEO wants results. How do I track the leads, sales, exposure, branding A: Web analytics software can help all website owners pinpoint the exact reasons for conversions and failures to convert. It can show the time of day when site visitors tend to purchase products and services. It can help pinpoint lifetime-value customers. It can help web developers identify pages that need improvement and pages that are working extremely well. I look at web analytics data almost every day. Web analytics software has improved so much in the past ten years, and it continues to improve. There are more players in the industry, too, which is refreshing.
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Q: Do you see SEO as a one-time project or is it ongoing A: SEO is always ongoing. Web pages are continually added, deleted, and updated on individual websites; therefore, search engines are constantly updating their databases. Web analytics and usability testing also show searcher behavior, which continually changes. In my opinion, a website is always a work in progress, always evolving. I do not know any marketer or advertiser who shows the same ads or does the same marketing campaigns year after year. Q: What are your tips for SEO A: First, the web pages must use the users language. They must contain the words and phrases that their target audience types into search queries. These pages should be focused on specific keyword phrases. Also, search engines and site visitors should have easy access to web page content. This is done through an effective information architecture that uses the users language and corresponding interface. The interface design should communicate you are here cues because site visitors do not always enter a site from the home page. In the event that site visitors do not land on a page that contains desired information, web pages should also contain an accurate scent of information (a phrase coined by usability expert Jared Spool) to guide them to desired information. Finally, link development is the number and quality of links pointing to a website. Quality is far more important than quantity. I see external links as validation. Other people validate what you say about your own products, services, and information.
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