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Choose the Right Contractor
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Ultimately, you will be in charge of your home remodel, not your contractor. I cannot emphasize this point enough. Your goal is to work with a successful remodeling team that includes an architect, a contractor, and subcontractors. The type of contractor you need depends on the size, scope, and complexity of your project. If you are merely installing insulation, a local handyman might fit your needs. However, if you want tax credits or rebates from the work done, you ll need to hire a professionally certified installer to do the work. Most governments require that a certified solar installer is the only person who can install your solar panels to be eligible for the government rebates and credits. In addition, although your electrician may be able to install PV solar panels, a solar installer knows how to orient the panels, how much power they actually produce, and how to optimize your system. Building an addition to your home will require a licensed contractor. Most contractors work with their own preferred subcontractors for plumbing and electrical work, but you can request that he or she use subcontractors that you prefer. Be sure that you ask what is possible before you sign the contract. Installing new energy-efficient lighting may require the work of an electrician, but it may also require drywall and paint after the lighting has been installed. When choosing a subcontractor, attempt to choose a trade-specific subcontractor who is directly qualified to do the work required for your project. Always use a licensed, trade-specific contractor and subcontractors. Many companies and contractors claim to do environmentally friendly or green work, but much of this is lip service only. Some companies using the green title are actually doing the same old contracting
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How and When to Hire a Contractor business as usual. Do your homework and know what you are purchasing before you buy it. And don t forget to ask neighbors, friends, and family for contractor referrals: What was your overall experience with the contractor How satisfied were you with the contractor s quality, professionalism, and the final result How easy was the contractor to work with How or were any subcontractors used Would you use this contractor again Was the remodeler available to answer question during the remodel Did the contractor keep information about the project and its status Did you have to change plans and was the contractor easy to work with during this process This is usually the best way to find a competent contractor. But remember that even though your friend may have had a good experience with a contractor, it doesn t mean that the contractor is licensed and insured for the type of work you need to do, and that you will necessarily be satisfied with the work the contractor does and how he or she does it. You still need to do your own homework. Ask your friends and family about bad experiences, too, because this can help you avoid choosing the wrong contractor. In addition to asking for references when investigating a prospective contractor, do the following: Check with the Better Business Bureau ( to inquire about unresolved complaints, numerous complaints, and fines; these are all indicators of a troubled contractor. Check with private building associations. Ask the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) for a private review of your contractor ( Ask about the remodeler s history. Examine the contractor s success for completion, schedule, cleanliness, and work habits.
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Interviewing Contractors
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Any prospective contractor should be friendly, trustworthy, and fair in price. The best contractors usually cost a little more but are usually worth the price because they pay attention to detail and use quality workers (and offer benefits), subcontractors, and materials.
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Ten Although you don t need to know how to accomplish your dream (that s the contractor s job), you must know what you want and be able to convey that information to the contractor in detail. Begin the interview by describing your dream or vision of the project. Present your plans, drawings, and specifications, including particular products you d like to include. Providing the contractor with great detail increases the probability that he or she will perform to your expectations. Ask direct questions and expect direct answers. If the contractor claims that he or she can perform the job, you can move to more serious questions about the contractor s company. Ask about insurance, years in business, licenses, complaints, and outstanding lawsuits. Do not be afraid to ask these questions, because quality contractors will offer you this information without hesitation. Let s review each of these issues. Make sure your contractor is insured appropriately. If your project will cost $200,000.00, for example, and the contractor is insured for $50,000 well, you can do the math. Ask how many years your contactor has been in business. Having a business for many years does not guarantee that your contractor is reputable. It only means that he or she has managed to stay in business. Do some research before the interview, check out the contractor s website (if one is available), and be ready to ask about the business. Ask the contractor for a list of references, including former customers. The list should include names, addresses, and phone numbers of former customers.
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Here s a personal example regarding a contractor I employed to replace my roof. I contacted the contractor based on a friend s referral. The owner of the company came to my home at my convenience. He gave me an exact price, not an estimate; he guaranteed his work and allowed me to choose from name-brand, quality materials. And he gave me a list of more than 100 former customers who lived within a half a mile of my home. This contractor also gave me a list of five people who were not immediately satisfied with his work. Three of the five people who had complaints did not like the color of their new roof, and they expected the roofer to buy new materials and pay for the labor to reshingle a brand new roof. The other two complaints were extremely complicated roofs with coordinated projects and other contractors. Minor leakages had develop from construction that occurred by a secondary contractor, after the roof had been completed. This roofer repaired these minor problems at no cost to the owners.
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How and When to Hire a Contractor A contractor who gives you a list of the people who have filed complaints against his or her company is a confident contractor who will almost always be near flawless in performance. The contractor should be completely confident in every aspect of the job, including how his or her products or services relate to the other elements of your home. During the first interview, also note the following: The contractor will have many questions regarding the scope of your project. This is a good thing if you expect the contractor to understand exactly what you need. He or she will ask if you have complete and detailed plans. If you ve consulted an architect, now is the time to present the plans. The contractor should provide you with a list of the types of permits that will be required. Ask about products and materials that would work best for your project. Ask to see appropriate solar license and/or certifications.
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