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Ground FIGURE 3-19 Convection
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Fresnel lenses Housing Secondary optics Cell assemblies Cell assembly Secondary concentrator Electrical contact Cell and prismatic cover Solder Copper heat spreader and electrical contact Conductive adhesive Module housing
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FIGURE 3-20 Concentrating PV
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Types of Solar Energy
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The National Renewable Energy Laboratories offers information on its website about current and emerging technologies at csp/lab_capabilities.html#aom_lab.
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These technologies can also be merged with fossil fuels to create a constant supply of power. The addition of a battery or fuel cell systems can make these solar units independent and a constant source of power. Connecting to the power grid is also an option (Figure 3-21).
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Energy from Light
Inverter and Transformer
DC Generators
FIGURE 3-21 Adding solar energy to the power grid
Types and Benefits of PV Solar
PV solar is being promoted for homeowners and business all over the world. PV solar offers an immediate and direct replacement for fossil fuel energy. The energy we need can be provided immediately with solar and used onsite. If you produce more electricity than you require, you can provide power to your local utility.
Thin-Film Solar
Traditional PV panels are the most expensive form of PV solar but also the most efficient. Thin-film solar, such as that shown on a California carport roof in Figure 3-22, functions like traditional PV panels but is less efficient. Thin-film panels are significantly less expensive and can be formed into other surfaces. Thin film is also more durable and can be used as a portable charger or power source.
FIGURE 3-22 Thin-film solar _2003.jpg
Focused-Lens and Specialty PV
Focused-lens PV can use as much as 100 times less silicon than traditional solar PV cells, which is the most costly ingredient in the manufacture of solar panels. Lenses mounted on top of a photovoltaic cell replace multiple cells in an array (Figure 3-23) one cell per module instead of multiple photo cells. Small device PV cells can be traditional or thin-film solar panels. Small solar devices can be used for recreational vehicles, portable radios, or other specialty devices (Figure 3-24). Small solar devices are becoming popular, and specialty devices are being designed to function using solar energy exclusively. As the efficiency of thin-film solar increases, more applications will emerge and be integrated into everyday items.
Types of Solar Energy
FIGURE 3-23 Photo array composition
FIGURE 3-24 Use of PV cells in research
Solar Costs
The year 2010 is a pivotal year for solar energy. With companies such as First Solar ( claiming to offer
Beyond Passive Solar
Two main types of solar energy are readily available: heat and light. Yet, as you can see, solar energy has many categories and applications, and not all of it requires the assistance of manufactured devices, lenses, or mirrors. The sun works for us every day I call this beyond passive solar energy. The amount of energy essential to grow the food we require to feed 7 billion people would be impossible by any artificial means. Even our fossil fuels are remnants of solar energy.
This calculator, provided by Penn State, compares the use of fuels and costs of various types of fuel. Try it out you might be surprised by the results.
remarkably inexpensive energy generated by solar panels, we may see a revolution in PV solar electricity. The Department of Energy website ( sources/solar.htm) provides excellent discussions of all potential energy sources. Every available statistic and type of energy is listed and accurate. The measurements and comparisons of energy help you to answer the question, What will solar energy cost me Today, how you buy or use energy is limited only by your imagination. For the first time in industrialized history, you can become your own power plant (Figure 3-25). You can create and add energy to the power grid. You can design a home that requires little or no energy, because solar is delivered free to your home every day.
Types of Solar Energy
Transmission System
System Operators
Distribution System
Retail Utilities
Peak generation Demand management Transmission deferral RECs Distribution deferral Grid regulation
Weather Station
Energy Storage
Inverter/ Controller/ EMS
System Monitoring & Control
Internet D Data Uplink
Metering ng dation Data Validation
G Green power B reduction Bill Ba Backup power Monitor Monitoring services O& services O&M Electric Power
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