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Woodworking application.
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strategic direction for lean manufacturing, and simplify the work-order reporting process. The waste minimization team determined that wood by-products, of ce paper, and cardboard were the major waste items and comprised 43 percent of the entire waste stream. To address the wood by-products, a collection system was developed to collect and reuse appropriately sized pieces of wood that were in good condition. Wood pieces that could not be reused were shredded and sold to a local shery. To accomplish this, a chipping machine was purchased and installed near the waste removal dock and a strategic partnership was established with a local company. As a result of the process changes, 80 percent of the wood by-products that were previously disposed of at the land ll were reused or recycled resulting in an annual waste hauling savings of over $25,000. To address the of ce paper and cardboard, a baler was purchased and installed. This material is now collected, baled, and sold generating net revenue of over $9,000 per year. In addition, the solid waste hauler contract was reviewed and the number of container pulls per week was reduced by 35 percent.
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27.7 Exemplary Performers Environmental Management Systems in Woodworking
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Because of pollution control and monitoring equipment dif culties experienced at Louisiana Paci c s (LP) Olathe, Colorado facility, the company implemented an environmental management system (EMS) to further ensure that their business practices protect the environment and community. Acknowledging the problem, LP invested substantial nancial and human resources into analyzing the causes and potential solutions. Through an evaluation of the cause of environmental problems at Olathe and throughout the company, LP decided to strengthen its environmental management at the plant level. The Olathe mill was selected for the initial pilot of LP s EMS because of its immediate need for change. If this particular facility could be successful in changing, it was likely that the EMS would enhance environmental performance company-wide. Olathe s transformation is a notable success. Soon after the EMS was implemented, a comprehensive 2-day, unannounced inspection by EPA was conducted. EPA considered permit compliance to be well-managed, contingency plans appropriately linked to the community, and training thorough. EPA s lead inspector, who had conducted numerous inspections of wood product manufacturing operations across the country, likened the LP Olathe plant to a bakery because it was so clean and well run. The company now has a cutting edge EMS and can transfer this knowledge to employees everywhere. Louisiana Paci c has realized the following bene ts from the EMS program:
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Mill employees have an enhanced sense of environmental awareness. Mill employ-
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ees report that changes implemented through the EMS have greatly improved
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individual performance and consequently that of the whole facility. Knowledge of and compliance with environmental regulations is at an all-time high. As an outgrowth of the EMS program, LP s laminated veneer lumber and I-joist plant in Hines, Oregon, began recycling planer shavings in early 1998. The wood waste material, originally disposed of at a cost to the company, is now being used in the production of other wood products such as medium density berboard. In February and March 1998, an estimated $12,900 was generated as a result of recycling the material rather than sending it to the local land ll. Total revenue from planner shavings is estimated at $90,000 for 1998. Soon after becoming a part of LP, Associated Chemists, Inc. (ACI) in Portland, Oregon, implemented the EMS program and discovered how to save thousands of dollars by retaining and ltering their wastewater. After a few months with the ltration system, cost savings were estimated in the thousands of dollars. In 1997, ACI received the Best Practice Award for Water Conservation from the City of Portland. Signi cant savings in waste management are being reported company-wide. At LP s particleboard plant in Missoula, employees have reduced annual land ll disposal costs by $31,000 by reducing waste, reusing, and recycling. Much of this savings is the direct result of their pallet rebuild and reuse program. Rather than dispose of pallets, old or broken ones either are repaired or sold to other companies. Recycling paper, cardboard, and metal has also resulted in additional plant pro ts and/or savings. Overall scrap sales led to a $5500 pro t in 1998. During the development of a Standard Operating Procedure for wood-burner slag at one of LP s facilities, the EMS team discovered that each employee performed disposal tasks in different, sometimes overly time-consuming, ways. The implementation of an SOP eliminated the confusion and unnecessary steps by clearly stating the standard disposal requirements and procedures. Consistent handling of wood-burner slag reduces environmental risk for local communities and increases ef ciency in company operations.
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