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annual certi cation audits for both mobile and plant-based operations in paper or printed media, micromedia, or computer hard drive destruction. The NAID certi cation program establishes standards for a secure destruction process including such areas as operational security, employee hiring and screening, the destruction process, responsible disposal, and insurance. Implement reverse recycling An emerging concept involves eliminating desk-side waste bins and only providing employees with desk-side recycling bins. The custodial service is instructed to service only recycling bins at employees desks and the employee is responsible for transporting nonrecyclable waste to centralized containers in employee break rooms. The purpose of the concept is motivating employees to recycle by creating barriers to generating nonrecyclable waste. By employing this concept, a Toledo, Ohio based company was able to reduce waste disposal costs by 40 percent and consolidate general waste removal from 5 days per week to 2.
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42.4 Implementation and Approach
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Below are general procedures for implementing a solid waste reduction program in an of ce setting:
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Describe the direction, objectives, and proposed goal(s) of the recycling program. De ne the requirements necessary to accomplish this. Identify the waste categories and types. Review and evaluate the following: Current collection and disposal practice(s) Current paper collection concept Current waste disposal contract(s) Assess composition of general cafeteria trash. Identify new wastes not currently identi ed or recovered. Develop campaign concept and requirements. Develop facility departments interface and support requirements. Schedule for program scope work. Develop capital and expense budget outline. Search out and contact local reclaiming and recycling vendors. Use services of local consultant(s) as needed.
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Of ce paper constitutes 45 percent of the waste generated for these businesses and marks the starting point for recycling programs in this sector. Of ce paper recycling has a high level of visibility, helps to foster employee buy-in, and can generate early wins for the recycling program. The following are step-by-step procedures for instituting an of ce paper recycling program. The steps include
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Determining what papers need to be recycled Locating a vendor who meets your requirements Procedures for setting up a program
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Monitoring your recycling progress throughout the year Keeping the program alive
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The success of any of ce recycling program depends on the support and cooperation from every employee, from the highest levels of management to the employees who carry out the actual collection procedures. In addition, effective relationship management with recycling vendors is critical. Below is a short list of vendor requirements for of ce paper recycling programs:
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Reliability of service in terms of on-time pickups, accurate tonnage reimbursements
and monthly reporting, and timely reimbursements Ability to handle documents in accordance with security guidelines Willingness to pick up all kinds of papers including high grade, mixed grade, le stock, and corrugated Maximum prices offered for mixed grades and le stock which comprise most of recyclable tonnage Monitoring recycling program performance is an important step to ensure the longterm success of the program. Below is a list of activities that may be applied to accomplish this goal:
Keep accurate and up-to-date statistics: Include tonnage gures Include dollars received from recycling vendor Include estimated cost-avoidance gures Periodically inspect of ce areas to determine if employees are properly disposing
of recyclable materials.
Periodically arrange to have outside garbage unit analyzed by following unit to
transfer station to weigh contents and observe contents of unit: Determine what percent of contents consists of recyclable materials Determine if container is being pulled prematurely Post recycling statistics in your building so that employees can see your progress. Publish updated statistics and articles in company bulletins and newsletters. Display recycling posters throughout the year.
42.5 Case Study
In 2008 the Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom undertook a large-scale sustainable development at one of the largest and most complicated building sites in Europe. BAA, the owner of seven airports in the United Kingdom, completed a major construction project, the biggest single construction project in Europe, at Terminal 5 at Heathrow. At a cost of over 4 billion, the project represents a huge program of construction works. Using traditional materials and construction techniques can have a
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