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Before you jump into deciding how your SQL Server information should be backed up, it s a good idea to examine your current storage configuration. SQL Server 7 supports many different configuration options for storing data. An important part of any data protection strategy is to plan for the efficient storage of information. For small databases, the best plan might be the simplest one: a single data file. However, for larger databases and more complex disk configurations, more planning is required. In these environments,
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Performing Database Backups
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data might be distributed across multiple physical devices by means of files and filegroups. In this section, we ll cover the various issues you should consider before designing the storage configuration for your SQL Server installation. Fortunately, in most cases, if your current configuration is not the ideal one, you can modify the settings before designing your backup and recovery plan. It s important to first estimate the amount of data you ll need to back up and how long the backup will take. Other concerns include when the backup will be performed and how users will be impacted by the operation. As we ve mentioned several times throughout the book, the real goal is a balance between security and usability. If your backup procedures prevent your users from doing their jobs efficiently, you should reconsider the methods you are using.
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Storage Estimation Tools
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The Microsoft BackOffice 4.5 Resource Kit is a separate set of utilities and documentation designed for use with Microsoft BackOffice applications. It includes several utilities that can be useful for planning data protection. The Resource Kit is available at many bookstores and also directly from Microsoft (go to for details). Also, if you re a Microsoft TechNet subscriber, you will automatically receive the BackOffice 4.5 Resource Kit on CD-ROM (see for more information on TechNet). Keep in mind that most of these utilities come without support from Microsoft and can be quite rough around the edges. Be sure to read the Books Online that are installed with the Resource Kit for more information on the utilities. By default, you can access the tools included on the CD-ROM after installing them by clicking Start | Programs | Resource Kits | BackOffice Resource Kit Manager. Some useful utilities related to backups and data protection include the following: w DataSizer This simple Excel spreadsheet can be used to help you determine the size of the data you re trying to back up. It uses formulas that calculate your storage requirements based on values that you input. To get useful results, you ll need to be able to estimate the typical row size for your database tables, and the number of rows you expect to add or modify per day. Additional information about indexes and other objects can also be helpful. Figure 6-1 shows an example of the spreadsheet. SQL Load Simulator One of the main challenges with testing backup and other database solutions is the lack of available client connections. On one hand, you want to simulate a lot of clients. On the other, you can t afford to run tests on production databases. If you want to measure the performance of your SQL Server installation, you can use SQL Load Simulator to simulate multiple concurrent connections to the machine from one or more clients. This is particularly useful if you want to measure the effects of performing a backup while queries are being run against a database. Load Simulator accepts one or more SQL query files and prompts you for the number of connections to simulate. It then opens that number of simultaneous connections to the server you specify and runs the scripts repeatedly (see Figure 6-2).
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