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The catalyst for this conversation is a common one because of human nature, we usually wait until accidents occur before we understand their true possibility. Then comes the blame game, hopefully followed by some constructive ways to avoid such problems in the future. Java the Hutt s main problem is not a lack of money. Clearly, the company is very successful and is planning for rapid growth. Arguably, the main issue is awareness for data protection. In that respect, it seems that Gordon had a lot of good ideas, but they were largely ignored due to a focus on other business issues. Monica s solution sounds like a good one. It places the burden of paying for IT on those that use the department s services. In short, this translates to everyone in the company.
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Case Studies
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It also places a heavy but healthy burden on the IT group: They ll be constantly forced to deliver better service at better prices. In some ways, the challenges for Java the Hutt s relationship with IT are just beginning. In other ways, however, the biggest hurdle has already been cleared!
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Java the Hutt s business challenges are real issues that are often faced by many companies each day. Handling the various requirements for data protection while staying within a reasonable budget can be challenging, at best. Java the Hutt is a medium-sized company that was able to meet some of these challenges through an eye-opening experience. Data protection issues become even more complicated as companies grow and more people, hardware, and software are required to meet business requirements. In our final case study, we ll look at how a representative enterprise addresses data protection issues.
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Xenico Pharmaceuticals is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. The company has state-of-the-art laboratories and research departments that operate in a largely independent manner from each other. This business setup was due to deliberate plans for small but efficient workgroups and was also the side effect of the takeover of several smaller startup biomedical companies. The company is currently widely distributed, and offices range in size from 20 employees up to several thousand. Name of Company Business profile Number of employees Number of sites Major business challenge Future business plans Xenico Pharmaceuticals A drug research and development firm that markets and sells its own pharmaceuticals. 32,500 Offices in 40 cities worldwide Meeting the needs for data protection and security in a highly distributed environment. Currently, growth is not very rapid. However, the company must be able to react quickly to the success of a new product.
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The Players
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These are the key people involved in planning data protection for Xenico Pharmaceuticals: w Carlos Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
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Uma Chief Information Officer (CIO). Uma is ultimately responsible for the IT infrastructure of the company and for determining future strategic directions for the company. Trentina Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Isaac A consultant who has been working with Xenico for over a year. His responsibilities include evaluating and auditing the current IT infrastructure, including policies, procedures, and implementation.
Business Challenges
The IT department at Xenico is under a lot of pressure. Being a technology-focused company, the network infrastructure is extremely important. Put bluntly, the main problem is that everyone has his or her own idea of how it should be done, but no one wants to pay for it. Lately, several problems have brought the issues of security and data protection to light. First, there have been rumors regarding the leakage of information from within the company to some smaller competitors. The fact that several of Xenico s highest-paid researchers have been hired away by these companies doesn t help reduce suspicions. Protecting information has always been an important concern for Xenico, but it seems that policies have become lax and are not being enforced. Additionally, most departments are not satisfied with the current data protection policy. Restoring files is as much fun as pulling teeth, and few people have much confidence in the backups themselves.
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