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Service/Resource Move/add/change request
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Notes Includes cost of setting up a new user (hardware, software, and network). Does not include price of memory. Covers training of users on operating system and basic application usage. Based on storage used by department members. The total annual cost of maintaining a database server will be divided among the users of the system.
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Memory upgrade End-user training
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Disk space Database servers
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Table 2-1.
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IT Service Charges
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Developing the Data Protection Plan
Service Level Agreements
A fundamental rule of good customer service is to under-promise and over-deliver. A similar rule in business is If you can t measure it, you can t manage it. Combining these words of wisdom, we can see the value of creating service level agreements (SLAs) that establish policies and performance levels that IT will attempt to deliver. An SLA provides a goal for the level of support end users will receive from their IT organization. An example might be that typical move/add/change requests are taken care of within 24 hours. The idea behind the SLA is that users should be given accurate expectations on problem resolutions. SLAs can help enforce compliance with other IT policies. For example, all assistance with tested and supported applications may receive priority and a four-hour response time. Help with unsupported applications will be provided as quickly as possible, but with no guarantee on a turn-around time. SLAs also give IT management an easier way to discuss issues with other departments. For example, if accounting managers feel that a three-hour problem resolution time is unacceptable, they may be willing to pay for additional staff to reduce the time. Even if they choose not to do this, the support level will be seen as a cooperative choice made between the departments, not as one arbitrarily defined by IT. Although the very nature of some types of IT support is to solve problems after they occur, users can have a very positive experience when they know what to expect.
In the previous section, we covered ways in which you can use business and management strategies to improve your data protection measures. There are several best practices that can be employed in IT departments that can result in a more secure environment and can protect sensitive company information. Hopefully, many of the best practices will seem obvious. Who would argue that taping passwords to your monitor is not a security problem However, the real challenge is in developing, documenting, and enforcing policies that prevent this frivolous but potentially serious security breech. In this section, we ll look at some best practices for managing IT issues related to data protection.
Determining Security Requirements
Implementing security will use time and resources. As with any investment, you should first consider your goal. For example, if the purpose of a group of users is to perform basic data entry of customer information, it may be appropriate to simply set default permissions for all users. Since their job functions do not require further access, the biggest problem to worry about is incorrect data entry. However, if sensitive financial information is being stored, it is important that each user be given appropriate access only to the files he or she requires to perform their job. It is also a good idea to enforce some level of accountability for all users. Finally, assess the impact on convenience this policy will have. If the security policy makes it difficult for employees to perform their jobs, it may not be worth it.
SQL Server 7 Backup & Recovery
In many ways, security risks are overstated. Often, popular technical media will expose some shortcoming in a networking protocol and thus give the impression that no computer is safe. A common example is a legitimate warning about a virus that will affect very few (if any) systems. It s important not to underestimate what people may do. For this reason, it s best to consider what is possible instead of what is probable. Many organizations keep controls in Human Resources departments for handling salary information. However, they overlook the fact that a junior database administrator may have unrestricted access to this information. Clearly, both a management and a technical solution are required to prevent problems.
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