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Developing Professional Habits
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The current versions of all selected files will be labeled. Later, you can use these labels to collect the code that belongs to a particular version. This feature can be very important for supporting or testing the product. Even more exciting is the opportunity to view the complete history of a project (right-click the project folder and select Show History from the pop-up menu) and determine many historical facts about the project, such as which changes were performed on it after a particular release:
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SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedure Programming
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One of the most important things you can do to improve the quality and readability of your code is to use standards to name variables, procedures, and objects in your database. The preceding sentence may sound like an obvious truism or rule of thumb, but as rules of thumb go, this one is more often honored in the breach than in the observance.
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Why Bother
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Unfortunately, many developers dislike and avoid using standards. Their usual explanation is that standards stifle their creativity, or that the constant need to comply with standards distracts them from what they are really being paid to do. While there may be some truth in these claims, compliance with reasonable standards is another one of those habits that differentiates the professional from the amateur (not to mention the prima donna). Often, however, the problem lies not in the presence or content of a standard but in the spirit of its enforcement. Frequently organizations (or the people in them) get carried away. They forget the reasons for enforcing standards, and the standards become an end in themselves. There are several valid reasons for introducing naming conventions:
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The main reason for the existence of naming conventions is to make code readable, understandable, and easy to remember. A standard allows developers to speak a common language that will help the team to communicate more efficiently. Team members will be able to understand and learn parts of the code with which they are not familiar. New team members will have to learn only one standard way of coding instead of the distinct habits of individual team members. Time will be saved and confusion avoided, since it will be easier to give and find unique names for objects and variables.
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If you are developing a project on your own, you might go through it without a standard (or without being aware that you actually have a
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Developing Professional Habits
standard). However, in some cases, the introduction of a standard becomes critical. For example, when
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More than one developer is working on the project. The code or project will be maintained or reviewed by other developers who are not members of the team. The application under development is too complex for one person to analyze all aspects at once and requires different components to be designed and implemented separately.
Conventions do not have to be complicated. Let s investigate one simple example. If you name a variable @OrderNum, you will become confused about its contents, because the name does not convey its purpose clearly. Does it contain the total number of orders or the index of a particular order To resolve this confusion, you could establish a convention that indexes are named with Id and totals with Count at the end of the name. In this case, the variable becomes @OrderId or @OrderCount.
Naming Objects and Variables
The naming of objects should take into account the following details:
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Entity description Name length Abbreviations Name formatting
Entity Description
It is common knowledge that variables, procedures, and objects should be named after the entities or processes that they represent. Therefore just to type a full description is a good start. The advantages of this approach are
Nobody will be confused about its contents. It makes for easy-to-read code, since no cryptic abbreviations are used.
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