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nology coupled with user tracking could act to encourage us to watch streaming programs more of the time, as we go about our daily routines.
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Personal Streaming Universes
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If streaming programs can follow the viewer, then the viewer s own preferences and favorites can also follow. This would allow a consumer to access favorite music, videos or other digital media from whatever player was in use, adjusting the program stream delivered according to the current device s capabilities. If you have purchased digital rights to a favorite movie, then if the streaming media system is able to authenticate your presence at a streaming media player other than your licensed player, the license permissions could automatically track you. You may need to carry some form of radio frequency ID key fob, or some equivalent identifier that is machine readable, but this would be a far more satisfactory rights-management solution for consumers than systems that license players, not consumers. The advantage to consumers of being able to access their paid-for media, regardless of where they are and what machine they are using, is obvious. They need not store a single physical copy of their digital media, streaming it from source every time they wish to play it. The capacity of searching and indexing your favorites in a number of different ways, simultaneously, adds additional flexibility and utility. Indeed, such a database could be built for a consumer automatically, upon payment for licenses to access particular media properties. Interestingly, the list of your favorites is, itself, a piece of information that has a potential commercial value. The ability to have all your favorite media available to you everywhere will mean that you spend more time accessing that media. We will consume more streaming media because it will be easier and more compelling to do so.
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Why Watch Streaming Media
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Streaming media has unique characteristics highly consonant with human needs and lifestyles. With the cost and convenience of streaming becoming more in keeping with consumer expectations, consumers may soon find there are compelling reasons to become streaming media adopters. Once streaming media achieves a level of maturity that makes
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it satisfy these human needs, there will be strong reasons for consumers to bother making the switch from broadcast mass media. In the late 1960s Abraham Maslow outlined his hierarchy of human needs. The underlying idea was that until the lower needs are satisfied, the higher ones are not pursued. According to the theory, society improves by satisfying lower order needs universally, gradually moving toward the top of the needs pyramid. The needs that Maslow identified, from lowest to highest are: physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization. Physiological needs are the most basic, satisfied by things like eating, sleeping and breathing. We satisfy our physiological needs by using information and skills to help us cope. The need for safety is satisfied by things like having a home, the legal system, a police force, etc. These needs express the desire to find information and schemes to make us feel helped, rather than helpless. Societal organizations such as family, community, partnership, and marriage solve the need for love. When we seek to satisfy our need for love, we are seeking enlightenment, according to the theory. The need for esteem describes our desire to feel satisfaction from achieving personal goals and also from the attention and recognition we attract from others by our achievements. The solutions are said to be empowering. The need for self-actualization is the quest for edification, including higher aesthetic achievements. Musicians who compose, artists who paint, and poets who write are all seeking to solve their need to self-actualize. Streaming media has the power to deliver information that helps us cope. We satisfy some of our physiological needs by finding out information about our health, for example. We use the medium to help ourselves survive by accessing information that helps us cope with the world and our lives. The ability to keep in touch with our children and to monitor our property with streaming media communications contributes to the satisfaction of our need for safety. Streaming media technology also facilitates the formation of communities, interest groups, and spontaneous lobby groups. The need for esteem is solved by streaming media technology through each individual s ability to contribute to debate, through streaming media virtual meeting technology that allows people to complete complex projects collaboratively and to gain kudos from colleagues by making contributions to collective activities. Finally, the need to self-actualize is fostered since everyone has the freedom to contribute his or her own artistic works to the open digital media marketplace enabled by streaming media technology. People can also use distance-learning materials to master skills once beyond their reach. Hence, on every level of Maslow s hierarchy of needs, streaming media enables satisfaction of those needs.
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