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Telepresence applications, where the viewer experiences being present in a distant environment by means of a communication technology, are abundant. Streaming media makes it possible for viewers to be virtually everywhere. Cameras that incorporate video and audio compression hardware and can serve streams directly to the Internet are becoming available. Today, most Web cams actually send a series of still pictures progressively, but with the compression techniques commonly used with streaming media, full-motion video can be transmitted directly from the camera, using very little bandwidth. During the Afghan war against Al-Qaida and the Taliban, viewers of many of the major broadcast television networks watched war correspondents filing live reports using satellite phones to transport compressed video and audio to the world. Admittedly the quality was not award winning, but the fact that this could be done at all, with equipment costing no more than a few thousand dollars, is truly remarkable. Many applications for streaming cameras are undoubtedly surveillance applications. However, some applications encourage tourists to visit locations in far-flung places. For example, transmits
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The Medium
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pictures of African wildlife, via the Web, all day, every day. People accessing the Web site can see what is happening on the other side of the world any time they care to watch. What better way is there to attract tourists than a free sample of what they would see if they visited allows children to view sharks swimming menacingly in an aquarium in the US. Rocketry enthusiasts send wireless, streaming cameras up with their model rockets to video the flight. All these applications allow people to experience things they may never have had the opportunity to experience in real life. Companies like National Semiconductor are working on integrating streaming video compression hardware on a single silicon substrate, shrinking the camera and its processing electronics to the size of a large die. These components will one day find application in handheld devices that use third-generation (3G) cellular telephone networks or 802.11 (WiFi) wireless networks to send instantaneous live streaming video straight from image sensor to the World Wide Web or another hand-held device. Integrated streaming camera chips would be incredibly easy to install and conceal, which presents both opportunities and threats. On the one hand, it will be possible to get hitherto impossible eye views of places and events. It would, in principle, be possible to have a small streaming camera attached to your luggage, so that you could receive a real-time view of what your luggage could see, if it ever became lost. Similarly, a thief making off with your car could be caught in the act and video of his face transmitted from the stolen car in time to identify and capture the culprit. However, the ability for nearly anybody to create private spy networks has implications for privacy, national security, and civil liberties that must be sensitively and intelligently handled by legislators and governments.
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Special Interest TV
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Just as desktop publishing software made it economically feasible to create a vast array of special-interest magazines and publications to appeal to narrower and narrower niche interest groups, so desktop video production and desktop media streaming change the economics of creating video content for much smaller special-interest groups than can be addressed profitably using traditional television production and distribution technology. The underpinning of the economics of streaming to niche audiences, just as with specialist magazines, is the fact that the audience is pre-
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qualified to advertisers that sell products and services relevant to that niche. If you sell auto parts, a good place to advertise is alongside specialist content, which is designed to appeal to an audience of guaranteed auto enthusiasts. From the point of view of the audience, the attraction of specialist niche programming is that the content does not have to be dumbed down to appeal to a mass audience. Instead, programs can assume the audience has a certain degree of competence and knowledge in the subject matter. The audience, therefore, gets the feeling of being treated as colleagues, not of being talked down to, like novices. Even cable channels fail to create this collegiate audience response. For example, in the UK, popular science cable TV channels, such as Einstein TV, still present material with narrative content that is somewhat insulting to the most scientifically literate in the audience, mainly because of a need to appeal to nonscientists, in order to keep audience viewing figures high, so that advertisers will be attracted. A streaming media presentation is still economical even with lower audience figures, so the need to appeal to the least educated in the subject matter, at the expense of annoying the most-educated enthusiast, is not there. Niche streaming media programming can segment audiences into novices and experts and create programming to suit those narrower audience segments. It also allows advertisers to segment their market more narrowly, with appeals to various levels of viewer expertise. When access to distribution channels is not limited, as it is with broadcast, satellite, and cable television, there is no need to make every program with mass appeal in mind. Of course, the grammar of the visual editing used in mass-market documentary and factual programming must change for niche appeal streaming. Whereas with broadcast television the narrative can spin out the story to fit the available program time, specialist audiences, with the ability to skip through the boring bits, are far less tolerant of being teased and of listening to a story being told to them more slowly than they want. Program makers need to recognize and embrace this difference between streaming media programming and broadcast television s dictation model of information delivery. The final reason why niche streaming will take off is found in the medium s ability to aggregate an audience from a wider geography. For example, people interested in junior swimming meets may live all over the world. With broadcast television, the geographic reach limitations that apply mean that no single channel can ever amass a sufficient viewer base to make a program on those swim meets pay. However, if you can
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