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from fuzzy, blurred, indistinct image quality. It is almost impossible to zoom in on the face of the offender, caught on video, without severe image degradation. High-definition imaging and relay back to a monitoring facility becomes cost effective, because of advances in streaming media technology, broadband networks, imaging devices, and video compression technology. Indeed, with detailed facial images, computer recognition of offenders could be a realistic option, provided some caution against naively interpreting the data is applied. High-definition streaming technology can actually be powered from batteries or small electric generators. This makes it possible to take portable screening equipment to the most remote locations and most isolated populations on earth, bringing them high-quality information, education, and entertainment for the first time. While the data may not stream live to the display equipment in the jungles of Borneo (it could, if a satellite dish could sit within an appropriate satellite s footprint), playback of highly compressed high-definition streams, from hard disk or optical device, is still possible. Other exciting applications of high-definition streaming include large displays at sporting events, relaying the action to the cheaper seats or allowing spectators to see instant live replays. Interplanetary probes could potentially transmit live, high-definition images, rather than still snapshots for detailed analysis and low-resolution video for navigational purposes. Motorway and freeway signs could include high-resolution views of the traffic or weather conditions up ahead on the road, allowing motorists either to divert or take extra care, when conditions are adverse. Arcade games and simulators of all kinds could use high-definition streaming to create more immersive experiences. All these applications become possible thanks to advances in the video compression and decompression techniques that accompanied the development of desktop streaming media.
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Time Shifting and Live Pause
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An obvious thing to do, when viewing an on-demand or live stream, is to store it away for later viewing. Indeed, you can imagine recording the stream without watching it at the time. You may pause a stream you are watching, shuttle back over something you want to see again, and then jump back to the live action or to the point where you paused, without stopping the stream to your hard drive. With hard drive sizes now in the hundreds of gigabytes and with video compression making good use of that space, streaming media is well suited to these applications.
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Today, most desktop streaming media players do not allow you to record a stream to a storage device. Many digital media devices that use streaming discourage recording. There are three reasons for this. First, copyright owners fear widespread piracy. If a stream can be recorded, it can be duplicated and distributed widely in seconds. For this reason, digital rights management systems are being developed to allow recording and viewing, but only under the terms the copyright owner allows, whether or not you pay per view. These systems are in their infancy, but work by encrypting the material streamed, which can only be unlocked by obtaining a digital key from an issuing authority. Keys are designed to allow playback only on an authorized device and only a specified number of times. Second, many media presentations are subsidized by the inclusion of advertising. When you have no control over the playback of the media, as with broadcast television, if you intend to watch the entire program, you must sit through the ads, whether you want to or not. The fear advertisers and media distributors have is that with time shifting and live pausing technology, the viewer has the ability to skip all the ads. The longterm answer to these concerns is for the advertising industry to understand that in the digital media world we inhabit, the only advertising that will work is permission advertising, whereby viewers actively seek out the information the advertiser wants to promote, or otherwise give explicit permission to trade their time, dutifully watching the ads, in exchange for obtaining cheaper access to the programs they wish to view. Ensuring that the viewer actually watches the ads is still problematic, but can be partly solved by disallowing pausing or skipping over the ads, for example. In the longer term, it won t be easy to impose advertising on viewers and force them to watch. In the shorter term, some solutions have included banner advertising embedded in the frame of the streaming media player, so that no matter where the viewer navigates within the program, the advertising is still visible. More subtly, product placement in the program itself permanently embeds the advertising in the program material. As surely as viewers will seek ways to avoid advertising, advertisers will find ways of getting their message to an audience. Third, there is a fear of virus infection from downloaded media files. This is a major problem for the computer industry in general. There are ways to spread viruses by merely viewing a Web page! There are seemingly infinite ways to spread viruses, and detection methods rely on knowing specific signatures. Clearly, the virus authors have the upper hand! Adding to these fears is the damage that can be inflicted by highbandwidth streams in terms of denial of service, whereby high-band-
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