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activities. The Proxy also authenticates every client request at the origin, so control of the content always stays at the origin. IP masking of internal users is also a feature of Real Proxy. Finally, because the content can be served to end-users from a server physically closer to them, transmission problems due to network congestion at router hops is minimized, improving the quality of the playback experience. Neuralcast is the software that coordinates the activities of Real Servers and Proxies to replicate content automatically, to load balance, to provide failover intelligence in the event of network or equipment faults and to ensure high quality of service. Before Neuralcast, media delivery was based on one-way communication server to player, origin to edge. During heavy use periods, this method was less than satisfactory as bottlenecks occurred and wait times increased. With Neuralcast, the network of servers and proxies is configured as a self-aware honeycomb, in which all servers talk to each other, making instantaneous decisions about capacity sharing, optimization, and redundancy. This effectively turns any node in the network into both an origin and an edge. Content can be injected at any node and served to the rest of the network of servers, and then on to end-users, wherever they are. In this topology a much larger audience can be served, while removing bottlenecks and waits, thus improving the end-users quality-of-streaming experience. Neuralcast provides:
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Neuralcast Communications Protocol enables all servers to act as one, by providing information about capacity allocation and capacity failover. Whereas systems that use TCP for stream delivery cannot resume and reconnect a stream once a connection is broken, Neuralcast s use of UDP for both unicast and multicast allows for connectionless transmission, with no back channel. This makes the Neuralcast system ideal for satellite delivery. Hence, Neuralcast can support both unidirectional (connectionless) and bidirectional (with state held on the server) transmission. Forward error correction, as we have discussed previously, is a coding technique that allows data to be lost in transmission, yet permits the
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Capacity failover in the case of network or equipment faults Capacity allocation to respond dynamically to demand Guaranteed live broadcast delivery from server to server through redundant network paths Less costly administration through on-the-fly remote configuration and monitoring Zero points of failure for live broadcast transmission
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original stream to be reconstructed perfectly. With Real System iQ, the forward error correction scheme is designed to tolerate up to 10% packet loss, without any degradation of the stream. When coupled with robust packet resending and SureStream technology, Real System iQ is able to promise almost 100% flawless playback. As with Microsoft Windows Media Technologies, Real System iQ delivers CD-quality audio at just 64 kilobits per second and VHS-quality video at mainstream broadband rates. When connectionless transmission is in use, where there is no back channel to the server, packet loss is expected and UDP has no method of resending those lost packets. What the player software relies on in those cases is forward error correction, so that packet loss is irrelevant. Real Server uses two connections, known as channels, to communicate with clients: one for communication with the client and the other for the actual streaming data. The communication channel is known as the control channel, since this is the line over which Real Server requests and receives passwords and the client Real Player sends instructions such as play, pause, and stop. The audio and video media are actually streamed over a separate data channel. Real Server uses two sets of protocols in transmitting its data. For the control connection, it uses bidirectional TCP. The TCP protocol guarantees packet delivery, which is important for control over streaming and for error checking. Though it has built-in congestion control, it responds too slowly to changing network conditions, so is a poor choice for media delivery. For the data connection, Real Server uses UDP by default, unless this is blocked by a firewall, in which case Real Server will use TCP instead. UDP packets are sent in one direction only. Because UDP involves no error checking, it can deliver packets faster than TCP. Real Server uses two main application-level protocols to communicate with clients: RTSP and the legacy PNA (Progressive Networks Audio). These protocols work with the two-way TCP connection to send commands from the client, such as start and pause, and from the Real Server to clients to convey information such as clip titles. A third protocol, HTTP, is used in sending other types of data. RTSP is designed specifically for serving multimedia presentations. Only RTSP can deliver SureStream files, which use multiple-bit rate encoding to compensate for network congestion. PNA is a proprietary protocol supported solely for backward compatibility reasons. HTTP is used for .RAM metafiles and for HTML pages served by Real Server. It may also be used to deliver clips to clients located behind firewalls. RTSP differs from HTTP in that it has methods not available in HTTP, RTSP servers need to maintain state in almost all cases, both RTSP servers and clients can issue requests, out-of-band RTSP data can be
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