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brothers, speaker suckers). One way is for player software to deny any other processes any CPU time while running. In most modern operating systems, however, application-level software cannot control CPU utilization. Another method is to design hardware so that the CPU does not have access to display memory. DVD playback cards work this way. The DVD stream is decoded and written to a display memory using another processor entirely. The host CPU never sees the data and the decoded video is overlaid on the computer s normal video display. However, for streaming, this is a totally unrealistic solution, since virtually all general-purpose computer display cards are designed for reading as well as writing. Limited protection can be achieved if the player watches for known screen-scraping utilities, halting streaming if any are detected. Naturally the player would have to contain protection against the detection software s being defeated and allow for easy updates as new screenscraping utilities are released. As a last resort, the determined stream thief can simply connect a good-quality tape deck to a device that converts the computer s display output to a standard video format (called a scan converter) and do the same with the audio, then simply make a recording. If the quality of the stream is high to begin with, the quality lost in making this kind of copy is negligible. DVD players guard against this by including Macrovision copy-protection circuitry on their video outputs. With this technology, the picture can be displayed by a television set, but narrow pulses are inserted into the video signal that drive the usual VCR s automatic gain control circuitry bananas. Using signal processing to remove the pulses can defeat Macrovision copy protection. Another method is to disable the automatic gain control of consumer video machines by tinkering with the electronics, or else by using a professional video deck. There is no chance of this form of copy protection s appearing on general purpose PCs. Consumer resistance would be too great, since users would have no reason to buy the new video cards, and there is a huge installed base of unprotected video cards. In the final analysis, analog copies cannot be prevented, since in the extreme, the determined pirate could still get acceptable results from filming the video screen with a good-quality camera and placing microphones in front of the speakers. The final method of stealing streaming media in the home is the man-in-the-middle technique. Any streaming media system that uses cryptography can be attacked this way. In fact, any secure sockets layer (SSL) Internet connection can be attacked this way. In short, an eavesdropper inserts himself or herself into the channel between the client and the server, negotiates keys separately for talking to the client and
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the server, and pretends to be the client when talking to the server and to be the server when talking to the client. Since the eavesdropper was in the middle during the exchange of keys, he has both sets of keys and can easily decrypt any messages sent by either side then reencrypt them for transmission to the intended recipient, so that neither side is the wiser. In a traditional key-exchange scenario, the eavesdropper is a third party unknown to either of the two intended parties to the communication. However, with streaming media, the eavesdropper may be the same person as the consumer of the stream. For example, there might be a compromised proxy attack, described above, with the addition of the man-in-the-middle technique. Public-key encryption relies on a certain level of trust between the communicating parties. However, trust may be entirely absent if the consumer is actively trying to steal the stream being provided by the server. The only protection against this attack (and it isn t much) is the level of technical sophistication required to mount it. The three most popular streaming media systems today are RealMedia, Windows Media, and QuickTime. All have serious security flaws. Most are vulnerable to nearly all the attacks described above. For example, RealMedia allows the author of a stream to specify that the RealPlayer Plus software should not allow the stream to be saved to disk. The more popular RealPlayer Basic does not have the capability to write to disk at all. Essentially, then, RealMedia security boils down to a single bit in the stream header. Little wonder that the company has embarked on initiatives to create viable rights management to enable digital media commerce with its latest offerings. Windows Media offers the most robust rights management functionality of any current streaming media architecture. Files can be protected by strong encryption. Each user who wants to use a file receives a key that works only on his or her computer. However, we have already noted the vulnerabilities of pre-encryption systems and their inability to protect live streams. QuickTime security, at the time of writing, is almost entirely absent. With Fast Start, the pseudo-streaming file delivered by HTTP can have embedded header information that instructs the QuickTime player not to allow the user to save the file to disk for later viewing, but this constraint is easily circumvented. To play the Fast Start file at all, the entire file must eventually be downloaded into the Web browser s cache folder. It takes seconds to look for a large, recent file in the cache folder with a .MOV extension and copy it to a more permanent location. Whereas there are no known spoofing clients available for QuickTime,
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